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Oct 29

Written by: ACSS Communications
10/29/2009 10:36 AM 

The Sacramento News & Review this week interviews state workers (a large percentage of our working population here) about the impacts of Furlough Fridays on their lives and budgets. Amid the severe minuses are a few pluses. ACSS would like to know your reaction to the furloughs: How have you handled the pay cut? How do you spend your days off? Is there a silver lining? Please email your comments to Lholderness@calcsea.org. We will publish all we can.


2 comment(s) so far...

Re: Furlough Fridays: Is there any upside?

Fact: There is clearly no upside to paycuts during a recession. I resent the fact that we are looking for a silver lining. The legislators have no idea what it is like to put gas in their car or buy groceries. This is not a big deal to them but it is to every one us that is forced to take a 14.2% pay cut, two less holidays, no overtime and who has not received a pay increase larger than a 3 % in the last 15 – 20 years.

State employees make less, they spend less, there is less tax money to provide services.

State employees are laid off, they file for unemployment, the state spends more.

I have an employee that had a mistake made on his paycheck related to healthcare, his check was delayed and cut all at once and he lost his house.

I have an employee that is working 6 days this month because State Parks was told to stay open but with the same budget cuts so she is working 6 days for the month.

Every state office that is non emergency services should shut down the same 3 days a month and then the public and our legislators would have an idea what services we provide.

People are hurting everywhere. There is no silver lining.

By Linda Payne on   11/2/2009 1:04 PM

Re: Furlough Fridays: Is there any upside?

There is no Upside...

I have watched ParkAids (lowest paid hires in State Parks) cry upon opening their meager paycheck.

I have seen people move from a 1 bedroom to a studio or rented room.

I have seen the financial pressure build and tear families apart.

I have seen everyone cut back, stop spending, and then wonder what is next!

The only "advantage" I see is: this has shown just how out-of-touch the Governor and Legeslature are; how not "Valued" State Workers are; how much we are being played as pawns in the budget game! :-(

By John H Fixler on   11/3/2009 2:22 PM

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