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ACSS Thanks Members for Attending Another Successful Lobby Day!

Posted: 3/13/2015 Tags: Lobby Day Tags Views: 1360

Posted: 3/13/2015

ACSS members with Senator Dr. Richard Pan (SD 06).

To all members who attended Lobby Day this week, ACSS thanks you for your participation! Cheers to another successful Lobby Day event where California state supervisors and managers met with legislators to urge the resolution of compaction and discuss concerns on prefunding retiree healthcare.  With record-high attendance this year, your 109 voices were heard and your presence at the Capitol was prevalent, helping spread further awareness of ACSS.  Lobby Day is ACSS's largest and most impactful event of the year.  If you missed Lobby Day this year, make sure you mark your calendar to attend next year's event in March 2016. 

ACSS Executive Officers, VP of Membership Todd D'Braunstein, Vice President Elnora Fretwell, Assemblymember Anthony Rendon (AD 63), President Arlene Espinoza, and VP of Governmental Affairs Frank Ruffino at Lobby Day Training.

From left, Senator Jim Beall (SD 15) with ACSS members President Arlene Espinoza, VP of Governmental Affairs Frank Ruffino, Secretary/Treasurer Pam Robison, Reynold Roth, Bill Homsany, Brad Geldert (Chapter 507).

From left, Diane Parker-Harris, Dionne Faulk, Deborah Anderson, Assemblymember Chris Holden (AD 41), Maria Bauer, VP of Membership Todd D'Braunstein, Sal Rizzo (Chapter 511).

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CDCR Quarterly Meeting will focus on Compaction and Workplace Issues

Posted: 3/6/2015 Tags: compaction Tags Views: 2739

Posted: 3/6/2015

ACSS meets on a regular basis with CDCR. Our next meeting is scheduled for March 25, 2015. At this meeting, we will be continuing discussions about salary compaction, focusing on the Office of Correctional Education excluded employee classifications. The supervisors in the Office of Correctional Education have been hit especially hard by compaction with up to a -13% gap between them and the rank and file employees they supervise. CDCR has been making strides to come to a possible solution and they are in the process of developing a recommendation to CalHR to resolve this issue. ACSS is working with CDCR to provide input in developing the recommendation to CalHR. ACSS will also continue its efforts with CalHR to advocate for action to correct salary compaction faced by our members.

In addition, ACSS has been working closely with CDCR members to evaluate several workplace issues. Recently, we created an online survey to assess the needs of a group of CDCR employees going through issues with “Administrative Officer of the Day” duties. Selected groups of members were invited to take this survey in hopes that ACSS could zero in on the most important issues at hand to tackle. The feedback we gain from the survey will be very helpful towards our efforts to ensure fairness and harmony in the workplace.

Other items to be discussed at this meeting are the upward mobility of Correctional Food Managers and Meal Ticket equity for excluded employees. These issues have specifically been raised by members, and ACSS is assisting to negotiate resolutions. If you are experiencing issues at your workplace, contact ACSS and we will listen to your needs, advise you, and attempt to resolve the issue with your department or employer. ACSS is on your side when it comes to dealing with difficult workplace issues.

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M19 and S19 Special Salary Adjustments

Posted: 3/5/2015 Tags: compaction Tags Views: 1059

Posted: 3/5/2015

In January 2015, CalHR reached an agreement with AFSCME, which provides for special salary adjustment (SSA) increases for Rank and File members of BU 19, effective July 1, 2015. ACSS has been discussing this issue with CalHR and is advocating for Supervisors and Managers in S19 and M19 classification to receive similar special salary increase. Per CalHR there is money allocated in the Governor’s State Budget for special salary adjustment increases M19 and S19. At this moment, CalHR has not provided any information about the specific excluded classifications who will receive an SSA or the amount of the SSA. ACSS Assistant Director of Representation, Nellie Lynn, says that “We are moving in the right direction” with these efforts. These special salary adjustments are subject to the budget process and they will have to go through the 2015 May Revise. As usual, ACSS will continue to advocate for our members and update you with progress on this issue in our efforts to resolve compaction.

Read more ACSS news articles on compaction.

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Supplemental Information on Prefunding Retirement and New Health Benefit Plans

Posted: 2/4/2015 Tags: benefits budget health insurance retirement Tags Views: 1331

Posted: 2/4/2015

Last month, Gov. Jerry Brown made a speech revealing details of the 2015 budget. In this proposed budget, he mentioned two items that piqued the interest of state supervisors, managers and excluded employees: prefunding retirement and new health benefit plans. These proposals have the potential to impact state workers for decades to come. An article posted recently by the Sacramento Bee describes these plans in greater detail.

The proposed plan, effective Jan 1 2016, would mandate an unspecified cash contribution to offset retiree insurance benefits that employers and employees would split. Taxpayers would have to pitch in millions of dollars each year to prefund retirement benefits.

In addition, the bill would require CalPERS to offer a high-deductible health insurance plan plus a low-cost Medicare-supplement plan for retirees. Current retirees could see their insurance subsidy decline if a considerable amount of state workers opt for the high-deductible plan.

For detailed information on these bills, read the full text of the state budget bill proposals from the State Department of Finance.

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Salary Increases and Adjustments for Bargaining Units 6 and 9

Posted: 1/30/2015 Tags: compaction Tags Views: 1727

Posted: 1/30/2015

Even though SB 216 did not pass, the resonance of the issue of compaction has made its mark in the knowledgebase of California legislators. ACSS has made tremendous strides in the last several years shedding light and creating awareness into the issue of compaction. Five years ago, lawmakers did not know that compaction was a serious issue facing the managers, supervisors and other excluded state employees. With ACSS’ efforts, compaction is now a known and understood topic at the Capitol.  At the recent ACSS Board Meeting held in mid-January of 2015, a Committee member vocalized that “things are starting to happen [with the issue of compaction] and it’s great!” The ACSS Board members agreed.

On January 8, 2015, CalHR released Pay Letter 15-01 for a 4% general salary increase for managers and supervisors of Unit 6. In addition, on January 14, 2015, CalHR released Pay Letter 14-17A as an addition to Pay Letter 14-17 (originally released in September 2014), which announced a special salary adjustment to additional classes of excluded employees of Unit 9. These pay letters are a sign that the compaction ball is rolling and we are starting to see some resolution. Even though not all units and classifications have been addressed by CalHR to resolve the issue of compaction, these pay letters are a start in the right direction.

Immediately after the veto of SB 216, ACSS met with CalHR to discuss the next steps to address compaction. ACSS continues to work closely with CalHR, prioritizing and targeting specific classes. We expected more from the Governor on the support of SB 216 and at this time there is no specific date set to completely resolve the issue of compaction within the State of California. Nevertheless, it is still a top priority for ACSS and despite the unfortunate result of SB 216, we urge members to acknowledge the progress and successes thus far. There has been a fundamental shift in how the state deals with managers and supervisors. It is just in the last few years that the state has finally recognized that compaction must be dealt with and that ACSS is the most prominent organization to lead this monumental effort.

As usual, ACSS will continue to update you with progress on our efforts to resolve compaction.

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