ACSS helps strike down Prop 32

Posted: 11/9/2012

The fight to strike down Prop. 32 was long and difficult, but state supervisors, managers, and confidential employees can rest easy - for the moment - knowing that their voice will continue to ring throughout the halls of the Capitol.

Like many of you, ACSS Vice President of Governmental Affairs Frank Ruffino said he was "exhausted" at the end of the General Election. "But I'm also excited, proud, and hopeful," he continued.

"This was not just a victory for ACSS, it was a grassroots victory for good government and the future of public service in our state."

Ruffino said he was counting on ACSS members to push ahead in the coming year.

"In 2013 we need to work with returning and newly elected legislators to push for respect, fairness, and appreciation for state supervisors and managers. It's been a long time coming."