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Posted 9/13/2019
Legislature Passes Bill Approving MOUs, Appropriates Money for Increases for Related Excluded Employees
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Latest News

ACSS and CalHR Discuss Pay Equity and Other Issues that Affect Excluded Employees

posted 10/10/2019
On October 8, 2019, ACSS met with CalHR Director Eraina Ortega to continue discussions regarding the...

New Board Members Elected at the ACSS Board of Director's Meeting in San Diego

posted 10/1/2019
On September 21, ACSS held its second Board of Directors meeting for 2019 in San Diego. The first...

Legislature Passes Bill Approving MOUs, Appropriates Money for Increases for Related Excluded Employees

posted 9/13/2019
On September 12, 2019, the Legislature approved Assembly Bill 118 which includes funding for certain...

Many Excluded Employees will see smaller paychecks as OPEB Deductions increase, ACSS takes action

posted 8/28/2019
ACSS has been affirmatively taking action advocating for our members’ interests on OPEB deductions...

Open Enrollment for Health, Dental and Vision Begins September 9, 2019

posted 8/22/2019
Open Enrollment for health, dental and vision coverage starts September 9 and ends October 4. This...


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