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Visit the Newly Redesigned Political Program Section of the ACSS Website!

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Take a peek at the new Political Program pages of the ACSS website.  In addition to the usual list of endorsed candidates and lobby day information, we have added the following:

  • Political News - News from the blog related to ACSS political events, news, and activities.
  • Legislative News - News from the blog related to legislative activity.
  • Legislative Report - A thorough report where you can see which bills ACSS sponsors, opposes and watches.
  • Photos and slideshows of ACSS involved in political and legislative activities.

Let us know what you think! Email communications@acss.org with comments or questions. 

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California June Primary 2016 Election Results - ACSS Endorsed Candidates

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ACSS had a great election day with all but one ACSS-endorsed candidate advancing to the November election under California’s unique “top-two” primary system.

ACSS-endorsed legislative candidates prevailed in 72 of 73 races, including in 5 out of 6 contested campaigns for open legislative seats.

Complete election results for ACSS-endorsed candidates are below. Open seat candidates are in bold.

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ACSS Encourages You to Vote in the CA Primary on June 7th!

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Your vote matters!

Don’t forget to get out and vote in the California Primary Election on Tuesday June 7th! Help support ACSS’ Endorsed Candidates with your vote in the June Primary. Supporting these candidates and donating to the ACSS Political Action Committee are simple things you can do to ensure that the right legislators are in office to support the issues that matter to you most, like:

  • Resolving salary compaction
  • Protecting pensions
  • Ensuring fair working conditions for supervisors, managers, and confidential state employees
  • And more!

On June 7th, please vote and help ACSS Endorsed Candidates cross the finish line in these critical seats. Every vote counts!

Find your polling place.

Click here for more information on the California Primary Election.

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ACSS is Your Voice in California State Politics

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ACSS Executive Board Members at the 2016 California Democratic Convention on February 26-28.

ACSS maintains an active political program dedicated to improving the careers and compensation of excluded employees. A highlight of ACSS’ involvement in recent state politics is our attendance and sponsorship at the California Democratic Convention on February 26-28, 2016, in San Jose. The ACSS Executive Board took advantage of many opportunities to speak with influential legislators including CA Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones and our AB 2735 Bill Sponsor Reggie Jones-Sawyer (AD 59). Throughout the Convention weekend event, ACSS spoke with several of California’s most revered democratic leaders to bring ACSS’ message to the table, on behalf of members.

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ACSS PAC Needs You! Join Today!

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If you haven't joined already, sign up today for the ACSS Political Action Committee (PAC)!  More than ever, the PAC needs your voluntary contribution. Donate as little as $2 per month!  The ACSS PAC is the easiest way for you to support candidates and issues that will benefit your career, compensation, and benefits.  By joining the PAC, you can make a difference and help ACSS fight to protect YOUR retirement benefits. Read the latest news about proposed measures that could threaten your pension.


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