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Disclosure Relating to ACSS Electronic Membership Application and Agreement
This agreement contains the terms that govern your use of the ACSS Electronic Membership Application and Agreement. You can agree to the terms of this Agreement by typing your full name in the box below and clicking on the Submit Form button.

By typing your full name in the box below and clicking the Submit Form button, you are applying for membership in the Association of California State Supervisors, an affiliate of the California State Employees Association, and authorize ACSS to establish with your employer the withholding of dues and any benefit deductions from your pay warrant. Your membership rights are set forth in the ACSS and CSEA bylaws, policies, and procedures, and as a member of ACSS you authorize and appoint ACSS and its agents to represent you in matters pertaining to wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment in a manner consistent with these documents. As a member of ACSS you agree to abide by the ACSS bylaws, policies, and procedures. In accordance with those documents, if you transfer into a classification represented by another CSEA affiliate or if you retire from state service, your membership will automatically transfer to the appropriate CSEA affiliate.

Unless instructed to the contrary below, ACSS is hereby authorized to withhold an additional $2 per month for ACSS political activities, including but not limited to deposit in any political committee sponsored by ACSS or any activity designed to promote, support, oppose or otherwise affect the election of candidates, ballot measures or other causes as determined by ACSS pursuant to its governing documents.
By selecting YES below, I instruct ACSS NOT to withhold any funds from my pay for political activities.

The State Controller's Office requires that you certify your application to ACSS by submitting an electronic signature.

By typing my full name in this box and clicking "Submit Form" I certify that the information provided in my application is accurate and true. I agree to the terms and conditions above and hereby apply for membership in the Association of California State Supervisors.


NOTE: Your Social Security Number is kept completely confidential and secure and is for verification purposes only.

How much does it cost to join ACSS?

Use our DUES CALCULATOR tool to find out how much your ACSS membership dues would be.  Enter your MONTHLY salary in the input box. Dues max out at $36/month and are a payroll deduction on your paycheck.


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Securely Protecting YOUR Privacy
This form is equipped with the highest level of security features to keep your information safe.  However, if you would like to join online today, but you are concerned about the privacy and security of entering your social security number into the online form, simply enter 111-111-1111 for the social security number on this form.  One of our membership specialists will call you and ask for your actual social security number over the phone. A social security number is required to process your application.