What is ACSS?

The Association of California State Supervisors is the largest and most experienced organization in California fighting for better careers and compensation for state supervisors, managers, and confidential employees. ACSS has over 10,800 members consisting of 11 Chapters across the state. Our Association is ran by membership leaders who are Excluded Employees just like you! The ACSS Board of Directors consists of elite members from various state departments who have stepped up to build an effective Association that works for YOU and to ensure the Association meets YOUR needs. 

We Have

Three Primary Services


Career Representation

Access to professional legal and labor experts who help you through difficult career issues.

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Political Action

We endorse Legislative candidates and we sponsor Legislative bills that support the careers of excluded employees.

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Member Benefits

Money-saving exclusive discounts on theme parks, attractions, museums, sporting events, group insurance, electronics, travel and more!

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