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ACSS Endorsed Candidates Election Results

Posted: 6/5/2014 Tags: Tags Views: 1881

California Statewide Primary Election

In the June 3rd Primary Election, ACSS-endorsed candidates had a tremendous day! Here are some of the notable achievements:

  • ACSS-endorsed legislative candidates prevailed in 68 of 70 races - of which, 16 out of 18 were highly contested campaigns for open legislative seats.
  • All 10 of the ACSS candidates for statewide and Board of Equalization races will head to the November run-off.
  • For the state Controller's race, ACSS-endorsed candidate John Perez tentatively holds the second spot but could possibly lose or gain ground after tens of thousands of provisional ballots have yet to be counted, under California's unique "top-two" primary system.
  • Of the two endorsements that will not proceed, Bonnie Garcia (SD28) took second by a mere 77 votes.

ACSS applauds the results and accomplishments of our candidates and stands by their side as the head into the November run-off. Great work!

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