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Compaction Issue Gains Momentum as ACSS Meets with CalHR, Presents Proposals

Posted: 10/9/2015 Tags: compaction salary Tags Views: 987

On October 8, 2015, ACSS met with CalHR’s representative to talk about resolving salary compaction globally for all excluded state employees. Our efforts gained momentum to ensure that all supervisors and managers have at least a 10% minimum differential in salary above the employees they supervise.

In this meeting with CalHR, ACSS presented data to highlight specific classifications that don’t have a 10% differential above their subordinates such as in the CDCR Office of Education whose excluded employees make significantly less than those they supervise. The salary compaction information presented by ACSS focuses on those excluded classifications that ACSS represents. We urged CalHR to adopt ACSS’ proposals to address the pay compaction issues facing excluded state employees and recommended appropriation of funds for excluded employee special salary adjustments in the next budget cycle.

CalHR’s representative stated that CalHR will commit to give ACSS’ proposals careful consideration and pointed out that this administration has shown a willingness to establish a minimum salary differential between supervisors and their subordinates.

ACSS also addressed the issue of parity for increases in pay and benefit negotiated with rank and file state employees. MOU parity would include general salary increases and benefits like the Department of Water Resources Operational Availability Incentive Program provided to bargaining units 9, 11, and 12.

As always, ACSS continues to address the issue of salary compaction and will keep you updated with our diligent efforts to resolve compaction for all excluded employees.

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Two New Pension Reform Proposals Attack New Hires and Cut Pay

Posted: 10/9/2015 Tags: benefits pension retirement Tags Views: 459

Former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed is at it again, this time proposing two new, poorly-crafted measures that attack state employee retirement securities.

The first measure eliminates defined benefit retirement for new public employees hired after January 1, 2015 and does not require employers to provide new employees with any retirement at all. If an employee moves from one department to another, they will lose their pension. This measure is highly detrimental to recruitment, and morale is certain to be damaged in the process.

The second measure caps retirement and cuts pay. It caps retirement contributions at levels which will force new public employees to suffer pay cuts between 7 – 39%. It will also significantly limit employer contributions towards retirement for new employees. New state employees would have their salaries reduced by up to 22%. Every new public employee would experience a drastic pay cut under this initiative.

These new proposals skirt around the pension reform issue by affecting only new hires and future employees. They do not alter costs of retirement benefits for current employees.

Reed said in a conference call to the media, “We are trying to focus on controlling the cost of benefits. The problem is only going to get worse.”

Dave Low, leader of a union-supported group called Californians for Retirement Security, countered by saying in a news statement that the proposals are poorly-drafted, mean-spirited and as unworkable as Reed & DeMaio’s past two pension reform ballot measures. ACSS is also a member of Californians for Retirement Security and supports Low’s statements.

Within the next two months, Kamala Harris will issue titles and summaries to these proposals, and we may see them on the 2016 November ballot if they collect enough signatures in time.

Click here to read the full article in the SacBee.

Click here to read Dave Low’s talking points summary about these measures.

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Jerry Brown supports Equal Pay Act

Posted: 8/27/2015 Tags: politics Tags Views: 1920

Senate Bill 358, the Equal Pay Act, proposes to require equal pay for "substantially similar work" regardless of gender. It also forbids workers to compare wages.

Gov. Jerry Brown says he will pass this bill if and when it reaches his desk.

Click here to read the full SacBee article on this subject.

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Pension Reform Measure Leaders are Mass Emailing Requests for Support

Posted: 8/20/2015 Tags: pension Tags Views: 523

Former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio, the co-leader of the latest pension reform attack, recently sent out a mass email that deceptively asks supporters to volunteer to become signature gatherers. Opposition from this pension reform measure calls the email a “fundraising scam”. Steve Maviglio, a spokesperson for unions opposing the pension ballot proposal, points out “To get a measure on the ballot, you need signatures on a petition, not a petition for a petition.”

It is not a surprise that the pension reform measure proponents are pulling out an “all-hands-on-deck” approach to try to gather the signatures needed to get the measure on the ballot. In order for DeMaio to get the 580,000 signatures (more signatures than the entire population of Wyoming) he is using a grassroots approach, combined with some traditional paid methods, to obtain signatures.

ACSS opposes this newly-named “Public Employees Pension and Retiree Initiative Constitutional Amendment” pension reform measure because it revokes vested and promised benefits for state employees. We are following this issue closely and, as always, will provide updates to keep you informed.

Click here to read the full article on the SacBee.

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Kamala Harris Officially Names Proposed Pension Measure

Posted: 8/12/2015 Tags: pension Tags Views: 669

The DeMaio/Reed Pension Measure has now been renamed “Public Employees. Pension and Retiree Healthcare Benefits. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.” by Attorney General Kamala Harris yesterday August 11, 2015. Kristin Ford, Harris’ press secretary, stated “We issued a title and summary that is based on independent analyses and gives voters a clear and accurate description of the proposed initiative.”

Dave Low, the head of a pro-labor group called Californians for Retirement Security, said in a statement “This Tea Party-backed measure is a back-door way of repealing Constitutionally-vested and promised rights to retirement security and health care and breaks contracts negotiated through collective bargaining.” However, on the opposite side of the fence, pension reform proponents rejected Attorney General Kamala Harris’ official description of the measure as an attempt “to try to mislead the public.”

Click here to read the official summary from the Office of the Attorney General’s website.

Click here to read the SacBee article on this subject.

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