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Success at ACSS Lobby Day 2016!

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ACSS Sponsors New Bill to Increase Paid Leave Buy-Back Hours

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ACSS is dedicated to improving and protecting the rights of excluded employees. In our efforts to increase benefits for our members, ACSS is sponsoring AB 2735 which will increase the Paid Leave Buy-Back amount for all excluded employees up to 80 hours of eligible unused leave credit per year. Reggie Jones-Sawyer (AD 59) has come forth to author this bill.
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Pension-cutting Measures Called Off, Possible Comeback in 2018

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On Monday January 18, 2015, former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed announced that he is halting his plans to add two pension-cutting measures to the November ballot. Instead, he and former San Diego Council Member Chuck DeMaio jointly stated that they will push for only one of the measures to move forward on the November 2018 ballot. Labor organizations are rejoicing over this news and predict that the measure appearing on the November 2018 ballot is a long shot.

Reed attributed the regression of the measures to insufficient support from potential funders and says they will “wait for 2018 for higher prospects for a better return.” Both measures performed poorly in a recent poll, which made potential funding supporters wary. Steve Maviglio, a Union Coalition Spokesperson, predicts 2018 will be no better for the Reed/DeMaio pension measures. He says “2018 ballot measure attacking pensions faces an uphill climb. The most likely scenario: pension changes will continue to be negotiated at the bargaining table – right where those discussions should occur – instead of on the ballot.”

This is a positive event for ACSS members and all state workers can let out a sigh of relief knowing that, for the time being, their pensions are going to stay put. As always, ACSS will closely follow this issue and will provide you with updates.

Click here to read the article in the Sacramento Bee

Click here to read Steve Maviglio’s article in Fox&Hounds

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Notable Points From The Governor's State Budget Report 2016-2017

On Thursday 1/8/16, Governor Brown released his proposed 2016-2017 State Budget. Brown claims that the budget still remains “precariously balanced” for the long term. Brown stated, “While timing is uncertain, the next recession is getting closer, and the state must begin to plan for it.”

Here are the proposals that affect ACSS and ACSS members:

State Employee Compensation

The Budget includes $220 million ($27 million General Fund) in 2016-17 for employee compensation and health care costs for active state employees. Included in these costs are collectively bargained salary increases for many of the state’s rank and file employees represented by bargaining unit 9 (engineers), which the Administration is extending to state managers and supervisors related to these employees. A 5% general raise in July of 2016 is the only currently      >> Read More...

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AB 229 Allows State Employees Usage of Uber and AirBnB

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The California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) released a PML which provides guidance on the provisions of Assembly Bill 229 (AB 229), which becomes effective January 1, 2016.

AB 229 adds section to California Government Code and stipulates that state agencies cannot prohibit state employees on official travel from using certain transportation network companies such as Uber or Lyft as well as short-term rental companies such as AirBnB.

Click here to download details of PML 2015-039 from CalHR.

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