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Assembly Passes ACSS-Sponsored Bill SB 216 in a 66-0 Vote

Posted: 8/20/2014 Tags: legislature salary Tags Views: 1744

ACSS Executive Director Rocco R. Paternoster provides an update on SB216 (Compaction - Public employment: salary ranges). After 2 years of discussion with the legislature and several recent meetings with Governor Brown's Administration, ACSS-sponsored bill SB216 has moved out of the Assembly Appropriations Committee and to the Assembly Floor for a vote. With overwhelming bipartisan support, the Assembly passed SB216 today on a 66-0 vote.

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Victory for Ventura County Employees – Superior Court Deemed Pension-Cutting Measure Invalid

Posted: 8/14/2014 Tags: court pension Tags Views: 1480

Saying it would be a "waste of public resources" to put it on the ballot, the Ventura County Superior Court Judge Kent Kellegrew on August 4, 2014 ordered the removal of a ballot measure that would have replaced the County's defined benefits pension plan with a 401(k) and set a cap on retirement benefits.

This is a victory for the Citizens for Retirement Security ("CRS"), a coalition of nine unions within Ventura County that filed suit against the County. CRS argued that the county can't unilaterally repeal its participation in the County Employees Retirement Law of 1937. Only the legislature has the power to authorize a pension phase-out plan.

The measure was also eliminated because it violated the single subject requirement imposed by the California Constitution. The subject initiative sought to 1) eliminate defined benefit retirement programs and 2) impose a five year salary cap. Ventura County employees can take in a sigh of relief knowing that their pensions are still in place, for now.

However, the Judge provided the parties time to appeal prior to the election by staying his decision until August 14th. An appellate ruling would likely issue before the final deadline for printing the November ballots later this month. We will keep you updated as the appellate process unfolds.

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Excluded Employee Pay Letter from CalHR Released: 2% Salary Increase

Posted: 7/9/2014 Tags: policy salary Tags Views: 1894

ACSS received the Pay Letter 14-08 from CalHR and we can now confirm who will get the 2% general salary increase effective July 1, 2014. Check if your class received a raise by reading the official pay letter.

CalHR will develop separate pay letters for specified increases for excluded employees aligned with Bargaining Unit 5 and for special pay adjustments for some of the excluded employees aligned with Bargaining Units 9 and 10. A separate pay letter for excluded employees aligned with Bargaining Unit 6 is anticipated as well. There may be some additional letters that provide special adjustments for specified classifications. ACSS will notify you of these additional letters as they become available for release.

For questions, please directly contact YOUR local ACSS Labor Relations Representative.

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CalHR Response to Pay Package for Excluded Employees

Posted: 6/27/2014 Tags: salary Tags Views: 1733

ACSS received the following response from CalHR regarding the pay package for excluded employees, fiscal year 2014-2015:

"Most excluded employees (excepting S05 and S06 employees) will be receiving a 2% GSI effective 7/1/14. The budget also provides funds for the policy objectives to address compaction for S09 employees to bring them to 5% above their subordinates and to implement Like Pay for Like Work for S10 employees. Any increases greater than 5% will be incrementally PERSable over a 3 year period."

As of Friday, June 27, 2014, CalHR has not responded to ACSS several inquires concerning whether Unit 12 Supervisors will get a 2% raise instead of the bonus. Pay letters should be issued by July 8th and ACSS will receive an advance copy from CalHR. In addition, CalHR still has not confirmed the S09/M09 and S10/M10 classifications that will received a salary adjustment or the amount.

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Retirement Contribution Rates Increase Effective July 1, 2014

Posted: 6/20/2014 Tags: pension policy Tags Views: 1628

Per a memo from CalHR, retirement contribution rates will increase effective July 1, 2014, for certain state employees pursuant to the Public Employees' Reform Act of 2013 and CalPERS law. Click here to learn more about the required employee retirement contribution increases for excluded, exempt, and represented employees by retirement category.

Departmental personnel offices are not required to take any action. The State Controller's office (SCO) will process a mass update to capture employee retirement contribution changes.

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