ACSS 2021 Elections Portal

Welcome to the Portal for the ACSS 2021 Election. 

Make your voice heard and get involved!  

  • Are you a natural leader? 
  • Are you passionate about helping your fellow excluded employees' voices be heard? 
  • Do you want to stand up for the rights of all excluded employees?
  • Do you want to help make ACSS a better organization? 

Now is the time to act and become a more important part of ACSS! Nominating yourself for a Chapter Position or as a Delegate is a great way to get involved and become a part of positive change. 

Why should I become a Chapter Officer or Delegate?

  • Helps you develop leadership skills
  • Allows a safe space for your opinions and ideas to be heard 
  • Lets you experience networking opportunities and camaraderie with fellow excluded employees in your local Chapter
  • Involves you with positive changes that can help excluded employees in the workplace

Are you interested, but not sure where to start? If you have never been involved with the leadership of an association, a great place to start is to become a Delegate. Delegates have the unique experience to attend and participate in all the events and opportunities at Delegate Assembly. Your vote and your voice matters. Many Delegates go on to become even more involved with the organization and with their own Chapter Leadership. Once you have familiarized yourself with the process of ACSS Leadership, many opportunities for advancement can open up for you!  

Nominate yourself TODAY!

Continue reading to learn more about the ACSS Election Process

What is the ACSS Elections Cycle?
ACSS Elections occur every three years. During this cycle, Chapter office positions are filled for the eleven ACSS Chapters through an election process. Delegates are also elected to represent the Chapters during Delegate Assembly. The process begins with a nominations period, followed by an electronic voting period, and ends with Delegate Assembly. The new Chapter Officers elected will be sworn in during Delegate Assembly and serve a three year term. Delegate Assembly is also an important event where Chapter Officers, Delegates and Board Members discuss Association business. 

Each Chapter forms a Nominations Committee. This Committee oversees the nominations process for their Chapter. Anyone can nominate themselves to run for a position or, you can nominate someone else. This year, because of the cancellation of all in-person meetings, Chapters will not have nominations meetings as has been done in the past. For this Election cycle, the nominations process will be conducted online. To enter into nomination, complete and submit the online nomination form between December 1, 2020 and February 1, 2021. The Nominations Committee will review the nominated candidates. Once candidates have been approved, candidates must complete a 100-word profile and submit a photo to ACSS by March 1, 2021. 

Electronic voting occurs between April 20, 2020 and May 21, 2021. ACSS members will be mailed (to their home address) detailed instructions on how to vote securely online. On June 1, 2021, ACSS will release results of the election and notify candidates. 

Delegate Assembly
Delegate Assembly is a three-day event in July. [NOTE: Due to COVID-19, Delegate Assembly 2021 will be postponed to Fall 2021.] First, the Committees Meet. Then, at Delegate Assembly, Chapter Officers and Delegates discuss Bylaws, Policy File changes and other Association business. They will also vote in the next term of ACSS Board Members. On the last day of the event, a Board Meeting is held. At this meeting, the newly elected Board Members will elect and vote in the next term of Executive Officers. These Executive Officers consist of the ACSS President, ACSS Vice President, ACSS Secretary/Treasurer, VP of Membership Development and VP of Legislative Affairs. 

It is this entire election process and Delegate Assembly that truly showcases how Excluded Employees embody the Association of California State Supervisors. This is an association founded by and run by members.  It is YOU who shapes this organization. The elections process and Delegate Assembly is how ACSS supports and stands up for the rights of every excluded state employee. 

Position Descriptions

Chapter President

  • Manage the business and affairs of the chapter;
  • Supervise the activities of all other officers and agents of the chapter;
  • Preside over all meetings of the members;
  • Maintain relationships with ACSS and other chapters.

Vice President

  • Assume and discharge the responsibilities of the President while the President is unable to do so;
  • In the event of vacancy in the office of  Chapter President, the Vice President shall perform the duties of President until such vacancy has been filled.


  • Shall keep the minutes of all chapter meetings and action of the chapter and the membership;
  • Maintain copies of the chapter's membership records;
  • Retain copies of all correspondence, documents, and other records of the chapter;
  • Maintain a copy of the Chapter Bylaws, available at any time, by the voting members of the chapter. 


  • Attends ACSS Delegate Assembly as an elected representative of their respective chapter by speaking or voting on behalf of the entire chapter membership;
  • Elects the Board of Directors of ACSS at Delegate Assembly, adopts a 3-year budget and votes on other general business of ACSS;
  • Encouraged to be involved, attend chapter meetings and participate as part of the chapter. 


Nominate yourself for a Chapter Officer or Delegate position!

ACSS Elections Documents
2021 Elections Timeline
  • November 16, 2020 - Chapters set up their Nominations Committee
  • November 20, 2020 - Nominations Committee formed
  • December 1, 2020 - Nominations OPEN (Online Form)
  • February 1, 2021 - Nominations CLOSE
  • March 1 - Deadline for candidates to submit their candidate consent form, photo, and 100-word profile
  • April 20 - Electronic voting begins
  • May 21 - Electronic voting closes
  • June 1 - Election results released
  • TBD - Delegate Assembly Committee Meetings
  • TBD - Delegate Assembly, new officers sworn in
  • TBD - Board Meeting and Executive Officer Elections



Delegates must be available to attend Delegate Assembly.

Due to COVID-19, Delegate Assembly has been postponed to Fall 2021.
Actual dates are TBD.
Please check back later.