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September 21, 2016
Multiple-year general salary increases for all excluded state employees have been granted and guaranteed by CalHR.
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Latest News

Incentives for DDS Excluded Employees Facing Department Closures

posted 10/27/2016
CalHR will implement substantial retention incentives for managers and supervisors of the Department...

General Salary Increase and Special Salary Adjustment for Attorneys and Hearing Officers (BU2)

posted 10/17/2016
On October 11, 2016, Cal HR released Pay Letter 16-19, and later released Pay Letter 16-19A on...

Changes in Leadership Training and Development for Excluded Employees

posted 10/14/2016
On October 7, 2016, CalHR released PML 2016-028 in regards to changes in leadership training for...

Additional Updates for Salary and Pay Adjustments for Excluded Employees

posted 10/7/2016
BU02 Retirement ContributionOn September 30, 2016, CalHR released PML-025 in regards to Retirement...

BREAKING NEWS: Excluded Employees Receive Sweeping Salary Increases

posted 9/21/2016
BREAKING NEWS: Excluded Employees Receive Sweeping Salary IncreasesAs a result of ACSS’ relentless...


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San Diego, CA

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