Chapter Resources and Forms

Expense claim forms are for ACSS corporate travel only. For reimbursement for a Chapter activity, use the Chapter expense form. For reimbursement for yourself, use the member expense form.

If you need help filling out the forms, read the form instructions or call ACSS at (800) 624-2137. You must submit your travel expense claim forms within 30 days after the expense occurrs. Securely attach all your receipts, sign the form and mail to:

3000 Advantage Way, Suite 210
Sacramento CA 95834

ACSS Travel Advance Form

Mail your ACSS travel advance forms to the ACSS corporate office:

3000 Advantage Way, Suite 210
Sacramento CA 95834

The forms will be approved by the executive officer and then forwarded to the accounting department for processing. Travel advances must be submitted to the ACSS office for processing no later than 30 days before the event for which the advance is being requested. No travel advance can exceed the estimated expenses for one month. Previously issued advances must be fully accounted for before new advances will be issued.

Download Expense Forms

 Chapter Expense Claim Instructions

 Chapter Expense Form

 Member Expense Claim Form - Updated June 2019

 Member Expense Claim Form Instructions - Updated September 2017

 Request for Travel Advance - Fillable form, updated August 2019

 Expense Form - Excel - Fillable form