2015-2018 Board of Directors

  • Greater Sacramento Area & Northern California (Chapter 502)
    Vince Santucci, Dept. of General Services
  • Greater Sacramento Area (Chapter 503)
    Arlene Espinoza, Dept. of Motor Vehicles
  • Greater Sacramento Area (Chapter 503)
    Elnora Fretwell, State Teachers' Retirement System
  • Greater Sacramento Area (Chapter 503)
    Pam Robison, Dept. of Developmental Services
  • Greater Sacramento Area (Chapter 503)
    Tim Skillman, CalPERS
  • Northern Coast (Chapter 504)
    Shirley Castaneda, Dept. of Health Care Services
  • Bay Area (Chapter 505)
    Michael Bonner, Dept. of Public Health
  • Central Coast (Chapter 507)
    Reynold Roth, State Compensation Insurance Fund
  • Central Valley North (Chapter 508)
    Sharon Zamora, Dept. of State Hospitals
  • Central Valley South (Chapter 509)
    Brian Adams, Dept. of Developmental Services
  • Greater Los Angeles Area (Chapter 511)
    Deborah Anderson Employment Development Department
  • Southern Coast (Chapter 512)
    John Fixler, Dept. of Parks and Recreation
  • Greater San Diego Area (Chapter 513)
    Frank Ruffino, Dept. of Veterans Affairs
  • Greater Riverside Area (Chapter 514)
    Todd D'Braunstein, Dept. of State Hospitals