2021 Election Results - Chapter 502


Chapter President-Elect

  1. Raymond Basiri*, Franchise Tax Board - IT Bureau Director

Vice President

  1. No nominations received


  1. No nominations received

(4 Delegates + 1 Alternate needed. The following Delegates and Alternate are required to attend Delegate Assembly. Delegates and Alternates are ranked by highest number of votes.)

Delegate 1 - Vincent Santucci, Dept. General Services - SSM I

Delegate 2 - Anthony Cortez, Franchise Tax Board – Administrator II

Delegate 3 - Alice Kindarara, Covered CA - SSM II

Delegate 4 - Ruth Green, Dept. of Technology – Information Technology Manager I 

Alternate 1 - Jennifer Davis, Dept Health Care Services – SSM I


Alternates (The following Alternates are NOT required to attend Delegate Assembly, unless there is a cancellation/vacancy from the list of Delegates and Alternates above.)

Alternate 2 - David Toman, CDCR/CCHCS – SRN II

Alternate 3 - Raymond Basiri, Franchise Tax Board - IT Bureau Director

Alternate 4 - William Smith, Dept. Veterans Affairs – Chief of Plant Operations

Alternate 5 - Francis Souza, Public Utilities Commission – Information Technology Manager I

Alternate 6 - Karen Perry, CA Highway Patrol – Office Services Supervisor I 

Alternate 7 - Sharon MacDougall, Dept. of General Services – Custodian Supervisor I


* Uncontested, elected by acclamation

Candidate Statements

(100 words)

Anthony Cortez

My qualifications to be a delegate for ASCC revolves around my experience in leadership positions in the private and public sectors. I am currently an Administrator II at Franchise Tax Board (FTB) in the Filing Division. I have managed at FTB for eleven years. I managed a finance company for twelve years throughout California. I seek to listen to and understand the perspective of others. It is the first step in collaborating with colleagues and customers. Bridging that approach with understanding the subject matter is the reason will aid in being a successful fulfill my role as a delegate.

Ruth Green

Becoming your delegate will be an honor and opportunity to advance the objectives and vision of ACSS to be executed in the upcoming years. My priority would be to ensure that the interest of the members I represent are at the forefront of every ACSS endeavor. Our interests being, job security, training and development, healthy work environments, fair pay, responsible allocation of the ACSS budget, and innovative work tools and equipment. Moreover, l would professionally and passionately represent and reaffirm our collective voices and shared aims at the Chapter Meetings and Delegate Assembly.

Alice Kindarara

I am currently Staff Services Manager with Covered California. I currently represent Chapter 502 as a Delegate. As a delegate, I speak and vote on behalf of the entire chapter membership, elect the Board of Directors, vote on the adoption or rejection of submitted resolutions, adopted the three-year budget, attend chapter meetings and participate as a part of the Chapter Council, and advocate for positive changes to help excluded employees in the workplace. I have also helped allow safe space for your opinions to be heard and helped develop networking opportunities with fellow excluded employees in Chapter 502 and beyond.

Vincent Santucci

I humbly ask for your vote to allow me to represent Chapter 502 as a Delegate for this year’s Delegate Assembly. I have previous experience as a Delegate and I’m an active participant with ACSS. I know our jobs as supervisors and managers can be tough sometimes, and that’s why I continue to choose to be involved with ACSS. I believe we need to keep working hard to support and build a strong association that looks out for our members and has our backs. Thank you for your consideration and stay safe!

Chapter 502 Nominations Committee

Committee Chair: Raymond Basiri (rbasiri@acss.org)

Committee Members: Vincent Santucci (vsantucci@acss.org)