2021 Election Results - Chapter 503


Chapter President-Elect

James Teahan*, Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development – SSM III

Vice President-Elect

Shamal Siwan, Dept. of Technology – Information Technology Specialist III

Enrique Ramirez, CDPH  - SSM I
Kymberly Lindenmuth, Dept. Consumer Affairs - SSM I
Janice Nishimoto, CDCR - Health Services Manager I
Shawn Dorris, Dept. Social Services - SSM I
Kevin Johnson, DMV – Manager IV
Ralph DiLibero, DHCS - Medical Program Consultant


Ben Shelton, CalRecycle – Senior Management Auditor

Carolina Truex, DMV – Manager II
Wendy Deng, CDCR – Supervising Correctional Cook
Eric Johnson, CA Housing Finance Authority – Information Officer II

Delegates: (21 Delegates + 2 Alternates needed. The following Delegates and Alternates are required to attend Delegate Assembly. Delegates and Alternates are ranked by highest number of votes.)

Delegate 1 - Suzanna Nye, CDPH – Health Services Evaluator Manager I

Delegate 2 - Millicent Barajas-Waters, Dept. of Technology – Information Technology Manager I

Delegate 3 - Brigitte Williams, EDD – Disability Insurance Program Manager I

Delegate 4 - Enrique Ramirez, CDPH  - SSM I

Delegate 5 - Curtis Williams, CalTrans - SSM II

Delegate 6 - Prezell Harris, Gov. OES - SMM I

Delegate 7 - Janice Nishimoto, CDCR - Health Services Manager I

Delegate 8 - Rebekah Aguirre, Dept. of Social Services – SSM I

Delegate 9 - Ralph Dilibero, DHCS - Medical Program Consultant

Delegate 19 - Ben Shelton, CalRecycle – Senior Management Auditor

Delegate 11 - Dawn Basciano, CDPH - SSM I

Delegate 12 - Timothy Skillman, CalPERS - SSM III

Delegate 13 - Amal Kattan-HandalTeachers Retirement System - Staff Management Auditor

Delegate 14 - James Dvorscak, Franchise Tax Board – Administrator II

Delegate 15 - Kymberly Lindenmuth, Dept. Consumer Affairs - SSM I

Delegate 16 - Christina Shupe, Dept. Industrial Relations, Executive Officer/CEA

Delegate 17 - Aimee Davis, Air Resources Board – SSM I

Delegate 18 - Carla Newman, Dept. Forestry & Fire Protection - Supervising Special Investigator

Delegate 19 - Emily Phillips, Dept. of Justice – SSM II

Delegate 20 - Tina Wess, EDD - Disability Insurance Program Manager I

Delegate 21 - Brandy Subia, CalRecycle – SSM I

Alternate 1 - Toija Currie, CalHR – SSM I

Alternate 2 - Stephanie Kerr, CalRecycle – SSM I

Alternates: (The following Alternates are NOT required to attend Delegate Assembly, unless there is a cancellation/vacancy from the list of Delegates and Alternates above.)

Alternate 3 - Susan GarrettDept. Social Services - Personnel Supervisor II

Alternate 4 - Michael Bonner, CPUC -  IT Manager

Alternate 5 - Shawn Dorris, Dept. Social Services - SSM I

Alternate 6 - Anthony Dixon, CDCR – Supervising Program Tech III

Alternate 7 - Josephine Garner, Dept. Motor Vehicles – Manager I

Alternate 8 - Tammy Thomas, Dept. of Fish & Wildlife – SSM I

Alternate 9 - Angelina Endsley, Dept. of Fair Employment & Housing – SSM I

Alternate 10 - Becky Fatur, Dept of Technology – IT Supervisor II

Alternate 11 - Kim Wesley, EDD – Tax Administrator I

Alternate 12 - Terilyn Cobb, EDD – Research Data Supervisor I

Alternate 13 - Jonathan Murry, Dept. General Services – Custodian Supervisor II

* Uncontested, elected by acclamation

Candidate Statements


Rebekah Aguirre

My name is Rebekah Aguirre. I have worked for the state since 2007. I am currently a Staff Services Manager I with the California Department Social Services. I have been interested in working with union members but have never prioritized my desire to work within the union until recently. I have respected and admired those have committed their time to helping staff members within California’s state employees’ unions’. As a new member in this great team, my goal will be to learn from others and to assist our members to the best of my ability. My passion is being a

Millicent "Millie" Barajas-Waters

I would like the opportunity to represent the interests of Chapter members, adopting a sensible budget, voting on resolutions and electing a powerful Board of Directors who will lift the voices of members. I have 10 years of supervisory experience and 20 years of State experience; 7 of which I have spent in Information Technology. I will use the skills and knowledge gained in my State career, my Master’s degree in Public Policy, and conversations with my chapter to fulfil the role of ACSS Delegate.

Dawn Basciano

Dawn is the lead project manager for the Department of Public Health’s, Office of Regulations. She coordinates the strategic planning, consultation, and development of high profile, sensitive public health regulations. She has served on the Federal Taxpayers Advisory Panel and is an active board member of the SNAHC Native Circles Advisory Board. I would be honored to serve as a Delegate if granted the opportunity. This position will allow me to further develop my leadership skills and gain the knowledge needed to support and represent my fellow excluded employees. I will strive to bring fresh and creative insight.

Wenfeng "Wendy" Deng

I am currently working as a CDCR Supervising Correctional Cook in Salinas Valley State Prison. I am proud of being a member of ACSS, and decided to work for ACSS. I have knowledge and experiences of budget and purchasing to be competent for the position of Treasurer.

Ralph DiLibero

Hello -- to you who don’t already know me well and hello to my many supportive friends. I have been an involved political action advocate for ACSS for the past 5 years. Before becoming a supervisor, I served as an employee union board member, and represented employees in confidential career issue conflicts. While having the privilege of serving in those two capacities, I developed a preferred lobbyist relationship with legislative officials to better further the causes of our ACSS. I pledge to continue to devote my energies, to faithfully serve you to the best of my ability. I would appreciate

James Dvorscak

As a Delegate, I will bring a high level of emotional intelligence and positivity to the position. In my professional and personal life I have enjoyed mentoring and coaching others for many years. These experiences have been very rewarding and I have learned a lot. Now I believe is the time to look forward and give back to the ACSS as a Delegate. I will do my very best to represent you. Thank you.

Prezell Harris

In my mind, when great leaders gather to share ideas and talk amongst themselves. Change happens and people can develop both professionally and personally. I want to be a part of that change! Greetings, my name is Prezell Harris and I am aspiring to become a delegate to do my part in our association and voice the concerns and challenges of other leaders within my organization. Moreover, to develop new processes, partnerships and mechanisms for our association to thrive in this “new normal” we all find ourselves in.

Amal Kattan-Handal

I have been a member of ACSS since 2014. I have been a state employee for 20 plus years, a supervisor for over 8 years. I have a Bachelor of Business Administration-Accounting. This ACSS delegate appointment will empower me to publicly advocate for all state supervisors. You can count on me to listen without bias, ask your questions and deliver answers to your questions received from delegate assembly, collaborate with board members and stakeholders and serve on behalf of your best interest. advocate on your behalf on fiscal, membership, bylaw changes.

Kymberly Lindenmuth

Greetings! Just a short bio about me. I joined DCA in May 2019. Prior to joining DCA, I was with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). I began state service in 1998 with the Youthful Offender Parole Board, as a student assistant and then as an SSA. When the Parole Board was abolished there was some shaking around of positions, and I spent about 8 months with CHP and then back to California Youth Authority (CYA), as the two had merged. Then there was another merger in 2006 of CYA and CDCR, and I took an AGPA position

Janice Nishimoto

I am a leader that is willing to represent you and be your voice! I can ensure you that your voice will be heard. I can make positive changes. How? I am influential. I am dynamic. I am passionate. I have a clear understanding regarding our rights. I know our organization’s core purpose which is to fight for better careers and compensation for managers, supervisors, and confidential employees. I am stepping forward to be elected because I feel a sense of urgency that is especially needed now. I will propel this organization forward towards a positive transformative change!

Suzanna Nye

My name is Suzanna Nye and I am running for Chapter 503 Delegate. As an active member of ACSS for over a decade, I have diligently served as a 502 and 503 Delegate, on the Board of Directors, as a Membership Coordinator, and participated in six ACSS Lobby Day events. I currently serve as Vice President of ACSS. Being a Delegate is the highest honor. If selected, I pledge to actively listen to the concerns and recommendations of all members and advocate their needs and wants to ACSS leadership in order to protect and promote members’ professional careers and rights.

Enrique Ramirez

Hello ACSS Colleagues and Peers: I hope this email finds you well. My name is Enrique Ramirez. I work for the Department of Health Care Services as Staff Services Manager I. I have been a member of ACSS for more than 8 years. For the past 12 months, I have served as ACSS delegate for Chapter 503. Now I am nominating myself for the position of DELEGATE OF of ACSS - CHAPTER 503. Living and experiencing the current political, social, and economic climate in the USA and specifically in California, it is crucial for state workers to unite. It took US

Ben Shelton

I am very interested in the Secretary/Treasurer position. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy. I have spent my entire career in the accounting and auditing field. I had a near perfect math SAT score. I can be trusted to perform my duties with high competence, integrity, objectivity, and independence. I have a passion for the mission of ACSS and a passion for numbers. With this combination of passions, I will strive to be the best Secretary/Treasurer ACSS has ever seen. Thank you, Ben Shelton

Shamal Siwan

I want to take statewide political action for better careers and compensation for state supervisors, managers, and confidential employees. I will support Member Benefits, accounting, payroll, human resources, and IT services vital to ACSS. During this pandemic, the State budget cuts impacted us all. I will encourage benefits such as discounts on theme park tickets, sporting events, gift certificates, insurance, electronics, travel as California continues to build a safer economy.

Timothy Skillman

Working together with you, as a current ACSS Board Member, past ACSS Chapter 503 Vice President and past CSEA Member Benefits Committee Member, I fight for better careers, compensation, benefits, pension, working conditions, and representation. I uphold the ACSS Bylaws and will fully participate in all action brought before the ACSS Board. As a past CFO, CalPERS Health, Actuarial, and Financial Office Assistant Division Chief and current CalPERS Enterprise Compliance and Risk Management Assistant Division Chief, I have the experience to represent ACSS Chapter 503 Members and look forward to serving.

James Teahan

I have been a member of ACSS for over 12 years. Since that time, I have attended every Chapter 503 meeting and every Lobby Day. I have been Chapter 503 President for the last 6 years. I conduct our quarterly meetings, arrange our Membership Appreciation Dinner in December and support members with daily requests for assistance. I have supported membership growth and obtaining a second Labor Representative to serve our chapter. I have worked hard to properly serve as your Chapter 503 president these past 6 years and kindly request your support for the next 3 years. Thank you! Jim

Brigitte Williams

My name is Brigitte Williams, I wish to become a delegate of ACSS. I am active member of ACSS with Chapter 503. I am passionate about my rights as a manager and the rights of other managers. I also encourage every new manager I met to become an active member of ACSS. (I am free positive advertisement for ACSS).I attend after work ACSS meeting to stay current on the topics as it relates to managers updates or and changes. I ask questions and I participate in the open forum during the Q&A portion of the meeting. Thank you for your

Curtis Williams

I consider myself a leader, with unique abilities to listen, understand and reach compromise. Because I have the ability to empathize, while being transparent, makes me a great candidate. Becoming a delegate would allow me to assist fellow employees in need. Everyone deserves representation by a trained and skilled delegate. I have committed myself to fighting for what’s right through my words and actions. I believe my ability to analytical view situations, along with my communication and problem-solving skills make me an unique prospect as a ACSS delegate.

Chapter 503 Nominations Committee

Committee Chair: 

  • Suzanna Nye - Current ACSS Executive Vice President (snye@acss.org)

Committee Members:

  • Michael Bonner - Current ACSS VP of Membership Development (mbonner@acss.org)
  • Christina Shupe - Current ACSS Executive Secretary/Treasurer