2021 Election Results - Chapter 504


Chapter President-Elect

  1. Ricardo Claros*, CDCR - Supervising Registered Nurse III

Vice President-Elect

  1. No nominations received


  1. No nominations received

(3 Delegates + 1 Alternate needed. The following Delegates and Alternate are required to attend Delegate Assembly. Delegates and Alternates are ranked by highest number of votes.)

Delegate 1 - Beverly Scott-Washington, CCHCS - SRN II

Delegate 2 - Barbara Krantz, Dept. State Hospitals, Napa - Supervising Registered Nurse

Delegate 3 - Aldrina Sinegal, Dept. General Services - SSM I

Alternate 1 - Revinia "Revy" Libatique, CDCR/CCHCS – Nursing Coordinator/SRN II


Alternates: (The following Alternates are NOT required to attend Delegate Assembly, unless there is a cancellation/vacancy from the list of Delegates and Alternates above.)

Alternate 2 - Vacant


* Uncontested, elected by acclamation

Candidate Statements

(100 words)

Barbara Krantz

I’ve been CA State Employee for 20 years as an SRN at Yountville Veterans Home and Napa State Hospital and a member of ACSS for 15+ years, I believe that excluded employees are stronger working together. Only through our combined efforts will we be able to continue building a strong, active and successful association to fight for equitable treatment, pay and protection of our benefits and pensions. Please allow me to continue as your delegate. When elected, I will continue to work vigorously act on behalf of the best interests of our members.

Beverly Scott-Washington

My name is Beverly Scott-Washington. I have worked for CCHCS for seven years, currently as an SRN II at CMF. I have built a reputation as a solid employee who is a natural leader. My professional motto is: “Be easy to do business with.” I hold myself and others accountable for their actions. I am a fierce advocate for fairness and equality in the work place, and am a stronger supporter of staff in need. I am firm, but empathetic to individual situations. I am single mom with two daughters and an advocate for health and safety in my community.

Aldrina Senegal

My Name is Aldrina Sinegal and I have been a state employee for 22 years and a manager for 6 years. The ACSS has really helped me in a few situations and made me understand how and why things are the way they are. I feel it's time for me to contribute to the cause by becoming a delegate. I would like to learn more about ACSS as I participate if elected and help where I'm needed.

Chapter 504 Nominations Committee

Committee Chair: Ricardo Claros (rclaros@acss.org)

Committee Members: Barbara Krantz (bkrantz@acss.org)