2021 Election Results - Chapter 509


Chapter President-Elect

Ashley Scheesley*, CDCR – SRN II

Vice President-Elect

Bret Blaydes, DDS – Fire Chief

Franklin Chandler, DDS – Chief of Plant III
Chris Carrillo, CDCR – Supervising Correctional Cook
Ashley Scheesley, CDCR – SRN II


Kristal Estrada*, Dept. of Developmental Services – SSM I

Delegates: (5 Delegates + 2 Alternates needed. The following Delegates and Alternates are required to attend Delegate Assembly. Delegates and Alternates are ranked by highest number of votes.)

Delegate 1 - Nina Thomas, CDCR - Supervisor Of Correctional Education Programs

Delegate 2 - Scott Herring, Dept. Social Services - Licensing Program Manager II

Delegate 3 - Bret Blaydes, DDS – Fire Chief

Delegate 4 - Angela Gonzalez, DDS – Training Officer

Delegate 5 - Abdou Iyagarou, Health Benefit Exchange – Supervising Program Tech III

Alternate 1 - Franklin Chandler, DDS – Chief of Plant III

Alternate 2 - Jose Delacruz, CDCR – SRN II

Alternates: (The following Alternates are NOT required to attend Delegate Assembly, unless there is a cancellation/vacancy from the list of Delegates and Alternates above.)

Alternate 3 - Chris Carrillo, CDCR – Supervising Correctional Cook

Alternate 4 - Joseph Artellan, CHP – Public Safety Dispatch Supervisor I

Alternate 5 - Armando Portanova, CDCR – Unit Supervisor

Alternate 6 - James Lopez, CDCR - Construction Supervisor II


* Uncontested, elected by acclamation


Candidate Statements


Bret Blaydes
Hello, my name is Bret Blaydes and I am running for the position of Chapter Vice President. I became an active member of ACSS shortly after being promoted into management. I have worked as Chapter Vice President since the end of 2016. I would like your vote because I believe in ACSS as an organization. I feel that through it we can have a bigger voice and presence in the state capital. I believe ACSS has the best people in the state to represent and fight for the rights of managers and supervisors. Thank you for your support.
Scott Herring
My name is Scott Herring and I am a representative of our union, which means I am a representative of all of you. I will listen to the voiced needs of all our members, support to expand our advocacy work to strengthen our contracts in the support of increased salaries, organize the recruitment of new members and support enhanced health and safety provisions in the workplace. I know about difficulty and hard times of having our salaries reduced and having to address ever-increasing workload demands placed on us. I am ready to continue the work of building a stronger union,
Abdou Iyagarou
I have been an active member of ACSS since 2014 and have gone to every Lobby Day and Board Meetings ever since. I have been a Supervisor at Covered California in Fresno. I am passionate about Managers and Supervisors rights and welcome ACSS support in securing benefits for exempt employees. I went to CSUEB in Hayward where I earned an MS in Statistics and double BS in Computer Science and Statistics. I have 2 childten, Malik 13 years old and Noor whi is 10 years old. I spend my spare time traveling the United States.
Ashley Scheesley
If elected as Vice President, I look to advocate for you. I believe in fair, consistent, and equal employment and practices for all facilities. I will fight for your rights! I will promote for increasing awareness, call on action and change to the various problems and impact that each of you face. I will address , serve, guide, and provide assistance to each individual. I will also advocate for the development of clear policies and programs that cultivate greater diversity in our membership and leadership, and ensure that there is room in our organization for individuals with many different perspectives, identities,
Nina Thomas
As a State employee who has had the privilege of serving a Teacher, an Information Technology Analyst, and an Educational Administrator with experiences at five different prisons, I am aware of the importance of involving stakeholders and utilizing available data to better inform decisions. Having spent the past three years as Adult School Administrator in state corrections, I have found that ACSS represents state supervisors, like myself, who are not sworn peace officers well. As a delegate, I plan to bring my varied experience and advocate for state supervisors in Chapter 509 and beyond.
Chapter 509 Nominations Committee

Chairperson: Bret Blaydes

Committee Member: Kristal Estrada