2021 Election Results - Chapter 512


Chapter President-Elect

Elaine Marshall*, Dept. of Justice – Legal Support Supervisor

Vice President-Elect

Lynn Medart*, CDPH – Health Facilities Evaluator Manager I


No nominations received

Delegates: (1 Delegate + 1 Alternate needed. The following Delegate and Alternate are required to attend Delegate Assembly. Delegates and Alternates are ranked by highest number of votes.)

Delegate 1 - Philicia Maxwell, DMV - Manager I

Alternate 1 - John Nielsen, Military Department - Fire Chief

Alternates: (The following Alternates are NOT required to attend Delegate Assembly, unless there is a cancellation/vacancy from the list of Delegates and Alternates above.)

Alternate 2 - Lindsay Byers, Dept. State Hospitals Atascadero - SRN

Alternate 3 - Simon Chereme, CDPH – Health Facilities Evaluator Manager I


* Uncontested, elected by acclamation

Candidate Statements


Philicia Maxwell
My name is Philicia Maxwell. I want to be a delegate for Chapter 512 of ACSS. As a delegate, I can have a hands-on approach to creating and promoting positive change. After my first ACSS Chapter meeting, two years ago, I knew I wanted to be involved. I heard about our rights as mangers and probationary managers, why ACSS is important, and what ACSS has done and will do going forward. Elect me and together we will continue to move in the positive direction.
Lynn Medart
I have been a member of ACSS since 2015. I have held positions of membership coordinator, and the Secretary/Treasurer for Chapter 512 since first joining. I believe all manager and supervisor voices should be heard so it benefits us all. I believe in supporting the right to have representation when needed. I believe in supporting the Chapter President and the ACSS Executive Committee in their endeavors to reach as many members as we can across the State. I thank you for the opportunity to serve the members of Chapter 512 in a different role as your Vice President.
John Nielsen
My name is John J. Nielsen, I am currently serving in the position as Fire Chief for the State of California Military Department. I began in the position in March of 2015, after having served as Fire Chief in a municipal fire department for 6 years. The difference between State and municipal departments was overwhelming to me. The rules and regulations and the amount of people any request for purchasing or department changes has to go through makes every process unnecessary slow. The scary part for me is as Fire Chief you have no safety net/representation when/if things
Chapter 512 Nominations Committee

Nominations Committee Members have not been selected.