Shining a light on supes who make less

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CalHR Director Julie Chapman addressed salary compaction - the phenomenon in which supervisors earn the same or less than those they supervise - in front of the Senate Subcommittee 5 on Corrections, Public Safety and the Judiciary today.

The Director stated that CalHR will have a list of recommendations for resolving compaction to the committee on or about June 30th of this year.

ACSS Legislative Advocate Ted Toppin thanked chair Sen. Loni Hancock and the other committee members for drawing attention to an issue that has plagued state excluded employees for years.

"The time has come to shine a light - a very bright light - on this issue and resolve it once and for all."

In an effort to raise more awareness of and support for resolving the issue, ACSS will be speaking one-on-one with dozens of legislators in the Capitol at our annual Lobby Day on March 13th.

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