CDCR Alert: Meet and Confers

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As the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) moves forward with a drastic reform of California's penal system,  the Association of California State Supervisors (ACSS) is meeting with CDCR to protect the rights of state excluded employees.

According to CDCR, the plan blueprint - titled The Future of California Corrections - will "cut billions in spending, comply with multiple federal court orders for inmate medical, mental health and dental care, and significantly improve the operation of California’s prison system."

In July and August ACSS will meet and confer with CDCR and CalHR over the following changes to the working conditions of excluded employees:

  • Realignment Layoff Wave 2
  • Standardized Staffing
  • Implementation of the Business Information System (BIS) Time and Shift modules
  • Statewide Mental Health Program Regional Structure Change

Additional meetings are being scheduled with the California Correctional Health Care Services to meet and confer over the following changes to the work conditions of excluded employees:

  • Implementation of the Business Information System (BIS) Time and Shift modules
  • Contracting Out of Laboratory Clinical Services
  • Consolidation of Sacramento area offices into the Laguna Springs Corporate Center in Elk Grove

If you are a CDCR excluded employees impacted by any of these reforms that will impact your working conditions contact ACSS Senior Labor Relations Representative Nellie D. Lynn at nlynn@acss.org  ACSS wants to know what questions or concerns you have.  Your thoughts and input are vital to ensure that the concerns of all impacted excluded employees are addressed.

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