CalTrans Implements new Deputy Directive Policy on Use of State Vehicles

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The California Department of Transportation has released a Deputy Directive Policy that applies to all DOT excluded employees on the use of State vehicles. The policy cites statute and CalHR regulations as authority. CalTrans urges all employees to adhere to California laws, regulations, and CalTrans guidance related to the use of State vehicles. Below is a list of the policy main points. The notice did not provide an effective date of implementing this policy.

CA Government Code section 19993.1 as requires that State vehicles be used only in the conduct of State business. No State officer or employee shall use or permit the use of, any State vehicle other than in the conduct of State business.

The policy encourages Managers/Supervisors specific responsibilities such as:

  • Manage and supervise employee's use of State vehicles in a manner consistent with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Ensure an employee has a valid driver's license and has completed Defensive Driver Training prior to operating a State vehicle.
  • Continually review the need for Sate vehicles assigned to their units.
  • Provide a copy of the Deputy Directive Policy to all employees who use State vehicles
  • Ensure daily vehicle usage is reported accurately and on a timely basis in Cartags, the Integrated Maintenance Management System, or other systems as appropriate and requires
  • Perform, assist, and participate in investigations when misuse of a State vehicle is reported.
  • Take immediate action when an employee's misuse of a State vehicle is reported, and appropriate corrective action when there is a finding of an employee's misuse of a State vehicle.

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