What is an ACSS Delegate? Should I nominate myself to be an ACSS Delegate?

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Posted: 11/14/2014

Are you a leader? Do you want to continue to shape and mold the ACSS organization into a well-oiled, fine-tuned machine? Then YES! You should nominate yourself to be an ACSS Delegate. Or if you know someone who would be a good candidate for this position, you can nominate him/her at your Chapter’s Open Nominations Meeting.

A delegate embodies the following roles:

  • Establishes the vision of ACSS and executes its business plan for a term of three-years
  • Acts as an “architect” to influence and build ACSS as a leading professional organization
  • Decides how to best allocate the funds in the ACSS budget
  • Echoes the voice of the members and represents the ideals of the members at Chapter Meetings and Delegate Assembly

In addition to an ACSS Delegate, there are other positions in which you can nominate yourself or someone else:

Chapter President:

  • The CEO of the Chapter that manages the business and affairs of the Chapter
  • Supervises activities of all other Chapter officers

Chapter Vice President:

  • Part of the Chapter Executive Committee
  • Assists in the administration of Chapter business
  • Shall assume and discharge the responsibilities of the President while the President is unable to do so

Chapter Secretary/Treasurer:

  • Part of the Chapter Exectutive Committee
  • Keeper of meeting minutes, membership records, correspondence and documents and other chapter records

Your local ACSS Chapter needs you to stand up and help lead the State’s largest and most experienced organization protecting supervisors, managers and excluded employees. Nominate yourself or someone else at your Chapter’s Open Nominations Meeting in November/December 2014. Download a Candidate Consent Form here.

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