ACSS Secures Compaction Related Special Salary Adjustments for Supervisory and Managerial Tax Auditors and Pharmacists

Posted: May 28, 2024
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In December 2023, CalHR issued various Pay Letters adjusting salaries however, there were a number of supervisory and managerial classes that did not receive the same Special Salary Adjustments (SSA) received by their related rank-and-file classifications. Until these late 2023 pay letters, virtually all prior salary increases under the Newsom Administration had been provided by CalHR to related excluded employees.

In response to these initial salary determinations, ACSS made salary proposals to CalHR on behalf of employees in classifications with the “missed” SSAs. The proposals highlighted the salary compaction created with rank-and-file employees receiving salary increases not received by supervisors and managers.

For most classifications included in the ACSS proposals, CalHR agreed with ACSS’ position and has now authorized additional retroactive salary increases. On May 14, 2024, CalHR issued Pay Letter 24-14 providing SSAs to dozens of classifications of supervisory and managerial Tax Auditors, Pharmacists, and S07/M07 excluded employees at Parks, California Department of Fish & Wildlife, and the Department of Justice.

These salary increases to address salary compaction are retroactive to July 1, 2023. On May 24, 2024, the State Controller’s Office sent instructions to departments to key in these supervisory and managerial salary adjustments by June 30, 2024.

While ACSS appreciates CalHR’s efforts to provide retroactive salary increases to eliminate salary compaction created by the July 1, 2023 SSAs, we still await responses to ACSS proposals covering Nursing Coordinators, Assistant Coordinator of Nursing Services/Coordinator of Nursing Services, Supervising Case Records Technicians, and Administrators at the State Special Schools and Diagnostic Centers.

The details of the pay increases can be found in Pay Letter 24-14.

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