CalHR and the Administration Work Together to Eliminate Unused Classifications

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Posted: 4/17/2015

In order to make the state more efficient and nimble, CalHR is working with the Administration to abolish unnecessary classifications that have been unused over the past 24 months. Cal HR submitted a Classification Consolidation Project strategic plan to the State’s Personnel Board on January 8, 2015 in alignment with the Governor’s 2015-16 Budget Summary to “streamline the state’s job classifications”.

In 2007, SPB and DPA identified over 4,200 separate classifications, of which, 1,000 were vacant. The lengthy list of classifications proposed for the chopping block are the first phase in improving the Civil Service System by consolidating the classifications into broader, more usable occupational families. According to CalHR, “each classification will be reviewed to ensure we do not take away opportunities for upward mobility, restrict entry into state service, eliminate necessary bridging classifications, or negatively impact current or future state employees/members”. Click here to see the entire list of classifications proposed to be abolished.

By removing unused classifications, we anticipate that the complicated task of ending salary compaction may be simplified. In the Classification Consolidation Project report, an item in the Post-Project Implementation Challenges section states “salary compaction issues will occur, but consideration should be given to offering safety and pay differentials for supervisors and managers.” ACSS is determined to work with CalHR to make this project progress smoothly and with utmost fairness.

As always, ACSS will update you on progress with this important issue.

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