Your 2015 ACSS Chapter 503 Election Results (Sacramento)

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Chapter 503 voting closed on Monday June 8, 2015.  The results are in! Here is a listing of your elected chapter officers and delegates for Chapter 503 (Sacramento and Yolo Counties).  Congratulations to all the newly elected officials! Alternates are ranked in order, based on greatest number of votes received.  If you are an elected candidate on this list who will attend the 2015 ACSS Delegate Assembly on July 17-19, click here to view details of the event and hotel information. Make sure you reserve your hotel room ASAP... the cut-off date for hotel reservations is June 22, 2015!

To see a list of the results of all other Chapters' elected candidates, click here.

Chapter 503 
(14 Delegates + 2 Alternates)
Position Name
President James Teahan
Vice President Reuben Jimenez
Secretary Treasurer Nancy Ullrey
Delegate Patricia Thomas
Delegate Arlene Espinoza
Delegate Michael Ellison
Delegate Carol Rogers
Delegate Rosmaire Duffy
Delegate Brenda Perkins
Delegate Ed Perez
Delegate Reuben Jimenez
Delegate Adrienne Johnson
Delegate Penny Vaughn
Delegate James Teahan
Delegate April Reichert
Delegate Nirmal Saini
Delegate Pam Robison
Alternate Leslie Cary
Alternate Elnora Fretwell
The following alternates are not required to attend Delegate Assembly unless requested:
Shawn Dorris
Geneanne Gaines
Robert Ullrey
Lorraine Espitallier
Dinah Collins
Nancy Ullrey
Tina LeBourveau

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