Special Salary Adjustment and General Salary Increase Helps Relieve Some Compaction

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CalHR releases a 2.5% GSI Across the Board and an Additional SSA for select Supervisors and Managers.


In ACSS’ diligent efforts to fight compaction, CalHR released a notification of a Special Salary Adjustment (SSA) to address compaction for Managerial and Supervisory positions, on top of a 2.5% General Salary Increase (GSI) across the board! This is quite a victory for excluded state employees and the SSA for those select positions should feel the relief soon. Both policies take effect retroactively as of July 1, 2015. In the 4-page memo, CalHR provides specific percentages for salary increases for specific classes. The SSA is a result of the final rendition of the Administration’s 2015-2016 State Budget. ACSS has worked hard in collaboration with CalHR, advocating this salary increase on behalf of excluded employees, especially those affected by compaction. More details are being discussed this week and, as usual, we will continue to monitor this issue and provide you with important updates. ACSS will also continue its efforts to advocate for equitable salary and benefits for excluded employees.

>> Click here to view the official CalHR Pay Letter (Pages 19 - 34 refer to managers, supervisors and other excluded employees).

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