ACSS Sponsors New Bill to Increase Paid Leave Buy-Back Hours

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ACSS is dedicated to improving and protecting the rights of excluded employees. In our efforts to increase benefits for our members, ACSS is sponsoring AB 2735 which will increase the Paid Leave Buy-Back amount for all excluded employees up to 80 hours of eligible unused leave credit per year. Reggie Jones-Sawyer (AD 59) has come forth to author this bill.

In current policy, managers are allowed 80 hours and non-managers (supervisors, confidentials, and other excluded employees) are only allowed 40 hours of unused leave available for buy-back. AB 2735 will increase allowable paid leave buy-back hours to 80 for ALL excluded employees.

AB 2735 benefits state employees who have a large bank of unused paid leave hours and would like to exchange them for direct cash-out. It also helps alleviate the State’s excessive reserve of accrued paid leave hours “on the books” owed to state employees, in essence, buying down the State’s debt.

AB 2735 is now in print and can be viewed here. We are optimistic about this bill and as it moves forward in the legislative process, we will update you with progress.

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