CalHR Committed to Continuing Efforts to Resolve Salary Compaction

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On March 17, 2016, ACSS President Frank Ruffino and ACSS Executive Director Rocco Paternoster sat down with CalHR Director Richard Gillihan and CalHR Labor Relations Officer Stephen Booth to discuss important issues that affect ACSS members and excluded state employees.

Ruffino commented that “It was nice to meet Director Gillihan and Booth and I felt the meeting turned out to be very positive and productive. We discussed the major issues affecting ACSS members in a respectful manner. It is good to know that CalHR is making efforts to resolve these issues in the best interests of excluded employees.”

In an open and candid manner, they talked about AB 2735 (ACSS Leave Buy-Back bill), retiree health care/preserving pensions, and collective bargaining efforts. Most importantly, the conversation focused heavily on resolving salary compaction.

Cal HR remains committed to working with ACSS and its members to improve working conditions. Progress was made at this meeting and ACSS will continue building a relationship with CalHR to ensure that these issues are addressed and resolved.

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