Victory for ACSS – Paid Leave Buy-Back Hours Increase is Granted

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ACSS gets a huge victory for state supervisors. As you may be aware, ACSS sponsored AB 2735, which proposed to increase paid leave buy-back hours for supervisors and confidential employees. Since sponsoring that piece of legislation ACSS aggressively lobbied the state legislature to gain support and also met with Cal HR advocating for their support of the bill and the leave buy-back increase.

ACSS was just informed by CalHR that they have agreed to ACSS' demands. This is a huge win for ACSS members and truly demonstrates that the efforts we have made in advocating for our members and building the professional relationship with CalHR have succeeded.

The State has decided to raise the leave buy back cap from 40 hours to 80 hours for supervisors and other excluded employees. In current policy, only managers are allowed 80 hours. This change allows for ALL excluded employees to receive the same 80 hours of leave available to buy back and exchange for direct cash-out. It will also help alleviate the State’s excessive reserve of accrued paid leave hours “on the books” owed to state employees, in essence, buying down the State’s debt.

A revision to the applicable regulation and a directive PML to departments will issue over the next several days. This change will align the program for supervisors and other excluded employees with managers and the bargaining units that have recently reached new agreements.

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