CalHR Releases Memo on Leave Buy-Back Program for Excluded Employees

Posted: 4/21/2016 Tags: benefits legislation policy Tags Views: 4125 Print:

Since sponsoring AB 2735, which proposed increasing leave buy-back hours, ACSS lobbied the legislature and met with CalHR advocating for support. The efforts that ACSS has made on behalf of our members have been successful.

CalHR and the Department of Finance authorized the Excluded Employee Leave Buy-Back Program for fiscal year 2015-16 and on April 20, 2016, released Memorandum 2016-011 that explains the details. Employees designated as Exempt, Managerial, Supervisory, Confidential, or otherwise excluded from collective bargaining are able to participate.

Leave Buy-Back is defined as payment at the regular salary rate in exchange for up to 80 hours unused leave credits that may be a combination of vacation leave, annual leave, personal leave, personal holiday, or holiday credit. Departments may begin transacting payment information and deducting hours as early as May 1, 2016. Excluded employees who wish to participate in the leave buy-back program must submit an official form. (Link to the form is located on the PML 2016-011.)

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