Dual Endorsement: ACSS Endorses Newsom and Chiang for CA Governor

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For the first time in ACSS history, gubernatorial candidates were interviewed in person by our ACSS Executive Committee at ACSS Headquarters. The Executive Committee asked each candidate key questions and listened to each one’s responses on how they would benefit ACSS members. After the meetings, ACSS chose to dually endorse both Gavin Newsom and John Chiang in their races for Governor of California. Both Newsom and Chiang promise to protect the defined benefit pensions of state employees, address salary compaction, and seek input of state supervisors and managers on how to solve these complex problems.

ACSS President Frank Ruffino commented, “We closely looked at who will best represent California and who understands the concerns of our members. Gavin Newsom is known for his bold leadership. He will be the kind of governor that gets things done and takes action for ACSS members. As an owner of numerous businesses, Gavin Newsom knows management better than most. John Chiang is a hero to the working men and women of the state. When Governor Schwarzenegger threatened the livelihood of California public servants, John Chiang stood up for us. Hearing the candidate’s answers to our questions, the choice to endorse both Newsom and Chiang was clear.”

Make sure you cast your vote in the June Primary election and support these candidates. Election Day is June 5th, 2018!

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