ACSS Board of Directors Met at Headquarters Building to Review Association Business

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On January 18, 2020, ACSS held its first Board of Directors meeting for 2020 at the ACSS Headquarters Building in Sacramento. The first order of business was to fill a vacancy for Chapter 503 on the ACSS Board of Directors. ACSS President Jim Teahan nominated Maria Gutierrez to fill a vacancy on the Board of Directors for Chapter 503 and the Board unanimously confirmed. In addition, other Chapter vacancies were filled and the new Officers recited the Oath of Office:

  • Doris Correa (Chapter 504 Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Richard Espinoza (Chapter 508 President)
  • Maria Gutierrez (Chapter 503 Board Member)
  • Barbara Krantz (Chapter 504 Board Member) also recited the Oath of Office. She was elected but absent at the previous board meeting.
  • John Pascal (Chapter 504 Vice President)

Pam Robison (former ACSS Secretary/Treasurer) attended as a special guest and ACSS President Todd D’Braunstein recognized her many years of service as a member and leader by presenting her with an honorary pen.

The Board of Directors reviewed and discussed recommendations from the Fiscal Committee, PAC/Legislative Committee, the President’s Forum, as well as other Association business. ACSS Legislative Advocate Ted Toppin discussed the recent release of the Newsom Administration’s 2020-21 State Budget.

ACSS Staff and the Board discussed the numerous wins and progress ACSS made during 2019 to improve salaries and working conditions of excluded employees. Some of those wins include productive and positive meetings with CalHR, amended pay letters and special salary increases for excluded employees. ACSS also achieved the long sought reclassification of Supervising Registered Nurses (Safety) at CCHCS, post and bid scheduling for Supervising Cooks of CDCR, and advanced the effort to obtain Safety Retirement for deserving excluded employees. In 2019, ACSS attorneys and labor relations representatives provided members with Direct Representation in 434 cases statewide. ACSS is next scheduled to meet with CalHR in early February to discuss ongoing outstanding issues related to excluded employee salaries and benefits as the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 State Budget is developed.

Click here to view photos of the Board Meeting.

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