CalHR Issues COVID-19 Guidance to State Departments and Employees

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To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, CalHR issued updated guidance and direction regarding state workers on March 18, 2020. While you will also likely hear about these directions in the media, we encourage you to be on the lookout for specific direction from your employer. Please know that ACSS is actively involved in discussions with decision makers and departments to protect your interests as the state’s response to the pandemic evolves.

CalHR has directed that departments establish a staff management plan that allows effective social distancing for those in the office and takes into consideration stay-at-home directives from state and local public health departments.

Departments must determine which critical employees cannot telework and establish a telework schedule for all other employees eligible to telework. If job duties are not critical and not viable for telework, employees may be redirected. As a last resort, if not eligible for telework or redirection, Administrative Time Off will be provided (regardless of leave balances).

ACSS will continue to represent members collectively and individually as needed relative to any COVID-19 related impact on ACSS members’ jobs. If you need assistance after obtaining information or direction from your HR office or manager, please reach out to your ACSS Labor Representative.

As this situation remains fluid, ACSS will continue to provide relevant updates.

Click here to download CalHR Guidance to State Departments.

Click here to download a letter from CalHR Director Eraina Ortega to State Workers in regards to COVID-19.

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