ACSS President's Message on the COVID-19 Pandemic

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ACSS Members,

As the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic continues to worsen, I wanted to share with you how we at the Association of California State Supervisors (“ACSS”) have initially addressed the situation in an effort to continue to aggressively represent the supervisors and managers of the State of California. You are the vital infrastructure of the State and will play a large roll in the solutions that will help all of us get through this crisis.

ACSS senior Staff and I have taken part in several conference calls with the Governors Office and continue to work with the administration toward effective and safe solutions. ACSS Executive Director, Rocco Paternoster has also had discussions with the Attorney General, Xavier Becerra and The heads of CalHR and other Department heads related to how Covid-19 is impacting the vital services of the state and the hard work of our ACSS members and other State Employees.

We are optimistic that we can maintain member services for all ACSS members and continue to advise and represent ACSS members daily.

While your local HR department is the recommended source for all information related to your job and any changes your department may implement, we want you to know that ACSS remains available for consultation to our members. We are making every effort to keep our membership informed on any updates or changes to policy or directives from the State. ACSS has increased our electronic communications and are keeping our website updated with the latest information on the State’s response to this pandemic. We are also providing links to information issued by the State.

While we know that ACSS Members are the resilient leaders that keep the State going during times of crisis, I wanted to send my personal appreciation for what you are doing during these times. Working together we will all get through this.

Todd D'Braunstein
ACSS President

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