California mayors tell Reed to drop pension attack

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More than a dozen Republican and Democrat mayors throughout California have signed a letter urging San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed to drop his attack on public employees' retirement.

“We believe that engaging our public servants in constructive dialogue rather than political battles is a more effective way of achieving balancing budgets,” wrote the elected leaders.

If it qualifies for the ballot and is passed, Mayor Reed's measure would drastically alter California's constitution to allow elected officials to circumvent the bargaining table and reduce or revoke pensions for current public employees.

The mayors' letter to Reed comes shortly after his embattled campaign recently lost one of its key supporters - Mayor Miguel Pulido (D-Santa Ana).

The full list of mayors who have called on Mayor Reed to drop his ballot campaign to date:

  • Pete Aguilar (D-Redlands);
  • Rusty Bailey (No Preference-Riverside);
  • Connie Boardman (R-Huntington Beach);
  • Aja Brown (D-Compton);
  • Gary Davis (D-Elk Grove);
  • Marie Gilmore (D-Alameda);
  • Steve Hardy (D-Vacaville);
  • Joe Krovoza (D-Davis);
  • David Lim (D-San Mateo);
  • Evan Low (D-Campbell);
  • Gayle McLaughlin (D-Richmond);
  • Andre Quintero (D-El Monte);
  • Gina Papan (D-Millbrae);
  • Jean Quan (D-Oakland);
  • Jason Scott (R-Corona);
  • Tony Spitaleri (D-Sunnyvale);
  • Jim Wood (R-Oceanside);
  • Vice Mayor Jim Wood (D-Healdsburg);
  • Vice Mayor Gilbert Wong (D-Cupertino)

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