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Budget Cut FAQs

Posted: 5/17/2012 Tags: budget election governor rights Tags Views: 2270

ACSS has been flooded with questions after the announcement of Governor Brown's revised budget and the millions of dollars in cuts therein.

Here are some of the most common questions we've received, and the best answers we have at this time.

Have a question not listed here? Send it to budgetcuts@acss.org

The 5% cut plan - namely the four-day, 38-hour workweek - seems to be tailored to rank and file employees. How will supervisors be affected?
Your ACSS is preparing to meet with Gov. Brown to discuss how his plan will affect all excluded employees. We'll have more details for you soon.

I work at a facility that never closes, how can I be expected to close it one day a week?
The budget stipulates that for those employees in 24/7 facilities, "commensurate reductions in work hours and pay" will be applied in lieu of closures.

Read more FAQs after the jump.

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New online training for excluded employees

Posted: 4/18/2012 Tags: election Tags Views: 2145

DPA has announced the addition of a new basic supervision course called "California Model Employer Initiative Training" to its online training library.

According to DPA:

"This free interactive training will help new supervisors meet 2.5 hours of the required basic supervisory training pursuant to PML 2010-013 and Government Code Section 19995.4. Topics covered include:

  • Role of a Supervisor,

  • Techniques of Supervision,

  • Staffing, and

  • Employment Law relating to People with Disabilities.

The training will help you recruit, interview, hire, retain, and accommodate people with disabilities.

As with all training, staff should get their supervisor's and/or training officer's approval before taking this training. At the end of the module, the employee can print a completion certificate for the training office to use in tracking training."

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Tax evaders cost state $10+ billion

Posted: 4/17/2012 Tags: benefits budget election governor health legislature Tags Views: 1860

A new report by the Franchise Tax Board reveals that your ACSS' fight to prevent drastic cuts to your earned benefits may not be necessary after all.

State tax officials estimate that California revenues will fall short by some $10 billion this year, due to abuses of the tax system by businesses and individuals.

In one case, a couple that owned seven sandwich shops avoided paying taxes for four years and hid in excess of $800,000 of income. In 2008, another couple that owned two El Dorado painitng companies failed to report nearly $550,000 in income.

Another $2.3 billion in sales and use taxes will go uncollected this year, partially due to citizens skirting sales tax via Internet purchases.

Republican legislators recently submitted a budget calling for a nearly 5% pay cut to all state employees - in addition to millions of dollars in cuts to early childhood education, mental health services, and more - in lieu of supporting Gov. Brown's modest revenue increase proposal.

Though tax evasion will likely continue to be a problem, your ACSS firmly supports the Governor's temporary revenue increases - a 1/4-cent sales tax increase and a modest tax increase on households earning above $500,000 annually - which will appear on the November General Election ballot.

Don't allow legislators to balance the budget on the backs of state employees yet again! Stand up and vote YES on Gov. Brown's revenue increases this fall.

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Tell Steinberg NO! on pension gutting

Posted: 4/14/2012 Tags: benefits budget election governor legislature pension politics Tags Views: 1900

Stand up for your pension now!

On the heels of GOP legislators submitting a budget that would cut pay for all state workers, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg has said that drastically changing public employee pensions is the "right thing to do", and should be done in 2012.

Take one minute of your day to send a united message against unfair pension reform by emailing, faxing, or reading by phone the following message to Senate President Pro Tem Steinberg:

State Capitol, Room 205
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4006
Fax: (916) 323-2263
Email: Senator.Steinberg@senate.ca.gov

Senator Steinberg;

I am a state excluded employee and member of the Association of California State Supervisors.

Like many of my fellow voters, I support Gov. Brown's temporary revenue increases to balance the budget, but refuse to do so if it means destroying my hard-earned, modest benefits.

I urge you to reconsider extreme pension reform as a means to passing those crucial temporary revenue increases.

I support eliminating the very rare instances of abuse like "spiking", but I cannot support a plan that relies on risky 401(k) investments and drastic retirement age increases.

I have planned carefully for my retirement, and have done my part to keep working for the future of California even as Gov. Brown's predecessor slashed my pay by 14%.

Please don't balance the budget on the backs of public employees yet again.

Your name, Job Title
Contact Info

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ACSS Quarterly: Arriving soon!

Posted: 4/12/2012 Tags: election Lobby Day Tags Views: 1584

Keep an eye on your mailbox for the newest edition of ACSS Quarterly, featuring articles on Lobby Day 2012, upcoming changes at CSEA, and more!

In the meantime, feel free to browse through last quarter's issue on our news page.

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GOP wants to slash your pay 4.6%

Posted: 4/6/2012 Tags: budget election furlough governor health legislature salary Tags Views: 2733

In order to fix California's budget defecit, ACSS supports Gov. Brown's temporary, modest revenue increases.

Republican legislators think they've found a better way to balance the budget - by slashing your salary yet again.

No, you didn't suddenly wake up in the middle of the Schwarzenegger administration again; however, if you and your family aren't voting to pass Gov. Brown's modest revenue increases on the General Eleciton ballot you may soon be feeling "Total Recall".

The GOP budget plan - which would unilaterally force at least 4.6% pay cuts on state employees in the form of furloughs or salary reductions - also includes provisions to siphon millions of dollars away from early childhood development programs, affordable housing programs, and mental health services.

Read more about Gov. Brown's solution to the budget deficit after the jump.

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ACSS elections: upcoming materials

Posted: 3/26/2012 Tags: election membership Tags Views: 1824

ACSS 2012 Chapter Elections are ramping up yet again.

As members were previously notified, the deadline to submit nomination consent forms and candidate statements was March 26th at 5 p.m.

The next step in the elections process will be HQ sending out elections packets - including candidate statements, ballots, instructions, and more - to all ACSS members in good standing no later than April 20th.

This is your chance to elect who will lead you at a local level and who will represent your chapter at key events.

Have questions regarding elections in the meantime? Contact ACSS Administrative Assistant Martina McKenzie at mmckenzie@calcsea.org

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Brown and CFT reach revenue compromise

Posted: 3/16/2012 Tags: election governor layoff Tags Views: 1962

Since proposing his revenue increase ballot measure, Gov. Brown has been working to convince several groups to drop duplicate or additional revenue increase measures from the 2012 General Election ballot.

One of the longest holdouts - the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) - finally agreed to a compromise with Gov. Brown after months of debate.

The revised ballot measure will now raise sales tax by a mere quarter cent, as opposed to the half cent increase proposed in Brown's original plan.

In addition, the revised measure includes slightly higher taxes on high income households - in particular the top 1% of all earners in California.

Your ACSS is dedicated to supporting Gov. Brown's revenue increases - and those revenue increases alone - in order to avoid catastrophic cuts to education and further layoffs within CDCR.

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San Jose pension costs exaggerated

Posted: 2/13/2012 Tags: election Lobby Day pension rights Tags Views: 1980

The assault on state employee pensions took a hit this week as an investigative report from the Bay Area NBC affiliate uncovered some shocking facts regarding San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed's campaign against public employees.

The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit uncovered internal documents which reveal that projected retirement pension costs for San Jose have been greatly exaggerated.

Mayor Reed has cited repeatedly a projected 2015 pension cost of $650 million in his very public campaign to slash pensions. It is now apparent that Mayor Reed's estimate was artificially inflated to more than twice the actual projected cost that the city will face in 2015.

Read more and watch the embedded NBC story after the jump.

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Don’t be fooled... your voice matters!

Posted: 2/8/2012 Tags: compaction election Lobby Day pension salary Tags Views: 2115

As we draw closer to election season, dozens of initiatives are being screened by the Secretary of State's office for inclusion on the primary and general ballots.

During its signature gathering phase, we previously reported on initiative 1487. (11-0010), which has since been cleared to appear on the 2012 general election ballot.

This "Political Censorship" ballot measure would severely limit the ability of supervisors and managers to work together to protect their pensions, fix salary compaction issues, and generally keep their careers protected. The sponsors of the ballot measure have cleverly made it appear that they want to limit the political influence of big corporations; however, if the measure is passed our voice will be silenced while corporations continue to spend billions lobbying for their own agendas.

Get the facts, spread the word, and get involved!

See the up-to-date list of qualified ballot measures from the Secretary of State: http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/ballot-measures/qualified-ballot-measures.htm

Want to fight to protect your career and benefits? Join ACSS at Lobby Day 2012: http://www.acss.org/lobbyday

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