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ACSS Endorsed Candidates – Election Results November 2016

Posted: 11/10/2016 Tags: election legislation legislature politics Tags Views: 2174

ACSS Legislative Analyst Ted Toppin describes the results of the election in regards to ACSS-Endorsed Candidates. Overall, our ACSS-Endorsed Candidates had a tremendous amount of success.

For ACSS, the state election results were pretty spectacular. The ACSS-endorsed legislative candidate won in 80 of the 82 races in which ACSS took a position. The one ACSS-supported ballot measure – Proposition 55 (Tax Extension for Education) – passed easily.

In the Assembly, the ACSS candidate won in 63 races and lost in two. In contested open seat contests, ACSS was 7-0, including wins in hard fought victories by Jordan Cunningham (R-Central Coast) in AD 35, Raul Bocanegra (D-San Fernando Valley) in AD 39, and Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance) in AD 66.

The two losses were those of incumbent legislators facing serious challenges. In AD 47, incumbent Democrat Cheryl Brown (San Bernardino) lost a tight race to a challenger from her own party who accused her of not acting like a Democrat. In AD 60, ACSS- endorsed Asm. Eric Linder (R-Corona) lost to a Democrat in a suburban Riverside County seat that increasingly votes Democratic.

The 17 state Senate candidates endorsed by ACSS all prevailed. In open seat races, ACSS was 7-0. This includes races in which the ACSS Democratic candidate had to beat another Democrat: Bill Dodd in SD 3 (Napa), Nancy Skinner in SD 9 (East Bay), and Steven Bradford in SD 35 (Gardena). In what were considered three of the bigger partisan Senate face-offs, the ACSS candidate won in each: Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) in SD 21, Anthony Portantino (D-Pasadena) in SD 25, and Henry Stern (D-Thousand Oaks) in SD 27.

>> Click here to view complete election results for ACSS-endorsed candidates. Open seat candidates are in bold.

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Victory for ACSS – Paid Leave Buy-Back Hours Increase is Granted

Posted: 4/15/2016 Tags: benefits legislation legislature policy politics Tags Views: 2846

What does the $15 minimum wage mean for state workers?

ACSS Attends Republican Convention

Posted: 3/10/2015 Tags: legislature politics Tags Views: 2649

Posted: 3/10/2015

From left ACSS VP of Membership Todd D'Braunstein, ACSS President Arlene Espinoza, Assembly Republican Leader Kristen Olsen, ACSS Vice President Elnora Fretwell, and ACSS VP of Governmental Affairs Frank Ruffino.

On February 27, 28 and March 1, 2015, ACSS leaders greeted Republican Legislators from around the State including Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff, the Assembly's new Republican Leader Kristen Olsen (pictured above) and Senate Candidate Sharon Runner (pictured below).

"We enjoyed meeting moderate and diverse candidates who understand ACSS plight," said Frank Ruffino, ACSS VP of Governmental Affairs.

From left ACSS VP of Membership Todd D'Braunstein, Senate Candidate Sharon Runner, ACSS VP of Governmental Affairs Frank Ruffino, and ACSS Vice President Elnora Fretwell.

ACSS Vice President Elnora Fretwell

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Election Results for ACSS-Endorsed Candidates

Posted: 11/5/2014 Tags: election legislature PAC politics Tags Views: 3206

Posted: 11/5/2014

ACSS congratulates all of the ACSS-Endorsed candidates' efforts and thanks all who supported these candidates during their campaigns.  ACSS-Endorsed candidates won 90% of the races with a total of 70 wins and 8 losses*. For complete details of each race, visit the Secretary of State Semi-Official Election Results page.

*As of 11/5/2014 @ 12:00pm

70 WINS  |  8 LOSSES

>> Read more for win/loss details...

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Don't Forget to Vote on Tuesday, Nov 4!

Posted: 10/30/2014 Tags: election legislature PAC politics Tags Views: 2601

Posted: 10/30/2014

On Tuesday, November 4th, mark your calendar to go to the poll booths and vote! (Or, if you are voting by mail, make sure to drop off your ballot at an appropriate drop off facility.) Your vote is your voice.  It's your opportunity to be heard, to hold elective officials accountable for their decisions, and to have a say in important issues that affect your community.  Lets make sure that November 4th is a victory for our ACSS-Endorsed Candidates. Our thanks to those that have volunteered and supported these candidates in their critical races. 

On Election Day, every vote matters!

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Support Connie Leyva for Senate! (SD20)

Posted: 10/14/2014 Tags: election legislature PAC politics Tags Views: 3320

Posted: 10/14/2014

ACSS President Arlene Espinoza with Connie Leyva (for Senate SD20) at the ACSS Board of Director's meeting on September 20, 2014 in Ontario, CA.

ACSS' Political Program is in full swing due to the upcoming elections on November 4th. During the ACSS Board of Director's meeting in September 2014, ACSS was delighted to have Connie Leyva appear as a guest speaker.  Leyva knows and understands the struggles facing State Supervisors.  In 1995, she became a Union Representative and 7 years later, went on to become the first woman president of a UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers) local union in Southern California. Leyva's leadership in the labor movement and her dedication to worker’s rights has made her committed to working toward fair pay and better working conditions with her time and resources.  ACSS knows that Leyva will stand up for the rights of supervisors, managers and other excluded employees.

Support Connie Leyva and other ACSS-endorsed candidates by volunteering now in this critical seat for Senate District 20.  Or email connieleyvaforsenate@gmail.com.

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ACSS PAC supports Tim Sbranti, running for AD 16 seat

Posted: 10/9/2014 Tags: legislature PAC politics Tags Views: 2379

Posted: 10/9/2014

October 5th, Frank Ruffino (VP of Governmental Affairs) and PAC Chairman Reynold Roth attended Tim Sbrantis’ Bocce Birthday Bash fundraiser at the Roundhill country Club to support his run for the AD16 Assembly seat. They are pictured here with the current the AD16 assembly member, Joan Buchanan, who will be termed out this year. Joan gave Sbranti her full endorsement, noting his experience as an educator and background in local government were a great fit for this district. Like Joan we expect Tim Sbranti to be a great advocate for ACSS. If you have some time to volunteer see Frank Ruffino’s 10/2/14 post on our website and find out how you can help in this or one of the other critical elections seats we are targeting.

To help out and volunteer for Tim Sbranti's campaign, contact Calvin Sherwood, Sbranti's Volunteer Coordinator, at (925) 212-7915.

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ACSS meets with Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom

Posted: 10/8/2014 Tags: legislature PAC politics Tags Views: 2319

Posted: 10/8/2014

On September 12th, Executive Vice President Elnora Fretwell and Vice President of Governmental Affairs Frank Ruffino, attended an event for Lt. Gov. Newsom.  They were able to talk one-on-one with Newsom and share our goals for ACSS, it was encouraging to know that he knew about ACSS and was willing to work with us. Having served as a Supervisor in his previous employment experience, Newsom understands Labor and the struggles that we have as Supervisors, Managers and Excluded employees.

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Only 28 days until election day! The ACSS Political Program needs your help!

Posted: 10/7/2014 Tags: election legislature PAC politics Tags Views: 3029

Posted 10/7/14

ACSS' Political program needs you!

There are only 28 days until election day!

Help get ACSS endorsed candidates across the finish line in these critical seats.

Vote-by-mail ballots are arriving in homes beginning this week. Voters are already voting. Vote-by-mail has began.

Help ACSS by volunteering now!

Please do what you can to support our candidates today.

Thank you so much for your support and help!
Frank P. Ruffino
Vice President of Governmental Affairs, ACSS
Contact Frank Ruffino at acss@acss.org.

Candidate Running for: Campaign HQ/Location: Contact info
Betty Yee State Controller San Francisco betty@bettyyee.com
Alex Padilla Secretary of State Los Angeles info@alex-padilla.com
Jose Solorio Senate (SD 34) Anaheim/Santa Anna area Maria Unzueta (323) 687-7046
Bonnie Garcia Senate (SD 28) Riverside County Sara Spencer (949) 412-8775 or
David Morgan (951) 830-5805
Marc Steinorth Assembly (AD 40) Alta Loma/Rancho Cucamonga area Ross Seby (415) 377-2577
Tim Sbranti Assembly (AD 16) Dublin/Walnut Creek area

Calvin Sherwood (925) 212-7915 

Connie Leyva Senate (SD 20) Los Angeles connieleyvaforsenate@gmail.com
Sharon Quirk-Silva Assembly (AD 65) Buena Park/Fullerton area www.sharonquirksilva.com

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