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ACSS-endorsed candidates

Posted: 4/11/2014 Tags: election legislature Tags Views: 1499

The California Primary Election is June 3, 2014 - less than 2 months away.

Your ACSS Legislative Committee and Board of Directors has been carefully interviewing and evaluating dozens of candidates from around the state to help present a guide to the candidates who are most likely to meet our needs as state supervisors, managers, and confidential employees.

We've listed all of our endorsed candidates in one convenient location, sorted by geographical area. We'll continue to update the list through the Primary and General Elections as we endorse more candidates.

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Think this election doesn't matter? Think again.

Posted: 4/1/2014 Tags: election legislature Lobby Day membership salary Tags Views: 5329

AD 40 Candidate Marc Steinorth (left), ACSS Legislative Committee Chair Richard Synder, ACSS VP of Governmental Affairs Frank Ruffino, Assemblymember Scott Wilk, and ACSS VP of Membership Development Todd D'Braunstein

As the 2014 primary election draws closer, ACSS leaders have stepped up their review of assembly and senate candidates to find the best potential advocates for state supervisors, managers, and confidential employees.

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Perez will fight for defined benefit pensions as Controller

Posted: 3/13/2014 Tags: benefits legislature Lobby Day pension Tags Views: 1693

In his address at the 2014 Lobby Day kickoff, Assembly Speaker John A. Perez discussed his intentions toward public employee retirement benefits as the state's next controller.

With regard to pension security, the Speaker stated "We are at a critical moment as a state, and quite frankly as a nation."

"I want to fight to keep the promise of a defined benefit pension."

Click on the video above to see a 10 minute excerpt from the Speaker's address.

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LAO calls for greater compaction fix

Posted: 3/7/2014 Tags: budget governor legislature salary Tags Views: 2114

In its report on the Governor's proposed 2014-15 budget, the Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) calls on the Brown Administration to take additional action to resolve the salary compaction crisis plaguing state supervisors, managers, and confidential employees.

The report notes that there has not been a "consistent or coordinated process" to analyze the extent of the issue.

Furthermore, the LAO notes that though the proposed budget attempts to fix the problem for identified classifications the Administration "would need to review managerial and supervisorial classifications and propose pay increases for affected managerial state workers beyond what is proposed in the 2014-15 budget."

ACSS has been working extensively for the past few years with CalHR and the legislature to end salary compaction.

Senate Bill 216 - sponsored by ACSS - had unanimous support through the Senate in 2013 and is currently pending review by the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Our bill would maintain the State's recommended 10% pay differential between supervisors and managers and their staff, and would establish a consistent process to analyze and identify current and emerging compaction issues.

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Sudden change in CalHR leadership

Posted: 2/27/2014 Tags: budget legislature salary Tags Views: 2855

Former CalHR Director Julie Chapman (left) and Acting CalHR Director Richard Gillihan

CalHR Director Julie Chapman will be retiring immediately, effective as of close of business Friday, Feb. 28th, as announced in a press release on Feb. 27th by CalGovOpps Secretary Marybel Batjer. Deputy Director Howard Schwartz will be stepping down as well.

Department of Finance Program Budget Manager Richard Gillihan will step in as acting director of CalHR. CalHR Labor Relations Assistant Deputy Director Pam Manwiller will act as interim deputy director.

As excluded employees rely on the Legislature and CalHR to set their compensation and working conditions, any time there is a shift in leadership we are presented with the potential for new gains and new losses.

ACSS will continue working with our existing and new contacts at CalHR to maintain and improve their response to excluded employee needs throughout this transition.

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Brown earmarks money to fix broken salaries

Posted: 1/14/2014 Tags: budget governor legislature Lobby Day membership salary Tags Views: 2124

In 2013 ACSS worked with CalHR and the Legislature to push for equitable salaries and benefits for excluded employees. ACSS is calling on the Administration to provide excluded employees with the same level of salary increases that were negotiated for the rank and file employees they supervise for 2014 and 2015 in addition to special salary adjustments to correct identified salary compaction and establish a minimum 10% salary differential.

Though it is unclear at this time when a final decision will be made by the Administration on excluded employee compensation - due to the reliance on revenue "triggers" - Gov. Brown has apparently earmarked money in his proposed budget to fix salary compaction.

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Register now for Lobby Day

Posted: 1/3/2014 Tags: legislature Lobby Day Tags Views: 1470

This March supervisors, managers, and confidential employees from all over California will gather in Sacramento and march on the Capitol to fight against attacks on our livelihood.

Lobby Day is our chance to sit down with legislators and tell our stories. To tell those in power how their decisions affect us, and to tell them how they can better meet our needs and protect our careers. Lobby Day is our chance to work together to show California how important state supervisors, managers, and confidential employees truly are.

The more of us that show up, the more impactful our message will be. Don't be left behind. Register to attend Lobby Day now!

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CalHR taking "serious look" at fixing compaction

Posted: 10/31/2013 Tags: compaction legislature salary Tags Views: 1643

In a meeting with ACSS Senior Labor Relations Representative Nellie Lynn, CalHR's Excluded Employee Labor Relations Officer Stephen Booth confirmed that his department is closely examining salary compaction - the phenomenon in which excluded employees often earn less than those they supervise.

"We're in the pre-budget process now," said Booth.

"And we're taking a serious look at compaction and some of the other perennial wage issues that have plagued supervisors."

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CalPERS weighs in on newest pension attacks

Posted: 10/18/2013 Tags: election legislature pension rights Tags Views: 1839

After Mayor Chuck Reed and his cohorts filed papers to get a new constitution-amending pension attack on the ballot, CalPERS took a moment to weigh in on this latest round of attacks against state and local public employees.

CalPERS has pledged to uphold their responsibilities as defined in both the U.S. and California Constitutions, and to continue supporting and defending the rights that were promised to public employees.

CalPERS' official statement concluded with a call on legislators to find a solution that improves retirement security for all Californians, not remove it from those who have earned it.

Read the full statement at CalPERS.ca.gov

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ACSS talks compaction with CalGovOps Secretary

Posted: 10/9/2013 Tags: legislature politics salary Tags Views: 1514

Your ACSS met with newly confirmed Secretary of CalGovOpps Marybel Batjer to discuss the longstanding issue of salary compaction - the phenomenon in which state supervisors and managers often make less than those they supervise - and the State's plans to correct it.

The mission of CalGovOps is to "improve management and accountability of government programs, increase efficiency, and promote better and more coordinated operation decisions."

Secretary Batjer requested additional information from ACSS on compaction, particularly on the most egregiously underpaid supervisory and management classifications.

ACSS has prioritized fixing salary compaction, and has built a broad base of bi-partisan support for the issue. Our anti-compaction bill, SB 216, enjoyed unanimous support from both Democrats and Republicans in the Senate and Assembly. SB 216 is currently being held in the Assembly Appropriations Committee's suspense file and should be reactivated for review in 2014.

In the meantime, ACSS will continue to meet with the Administration to pursue alternate methods of resolving the State's lack of support for its most skilled and dedicated employees.

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