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It's Flu Season! CalHR Gives Us Prevention Tips for the Workplace

Posted: 11/18/2014 Tags: health memo policy Tags Views: 2643

Posted: 11/18/2014

CalHR released memorandum PML-2014-045 on the prevention and management of illness in the workplace. CalHR recommends the following guidelines for departments to use for absences that may occur due to the influenza (flu) season. It should be noted that while the symptoms are similar, the flu is disticntly different than the Ebola virus.  For more information on the Ebola virus, please review PML 2014-039.

The memo offers managers and supervisors a few important considerations:

  • If employees are showing signs of flu symptoms, employers should encourage employees to stay home or go home.
  • Review the provisions of leave usage in the appropriate bargaining agreements.
  • Check CalHR's Leave Benefits webpage for guidance on the usage of the above leaves.
  • To minimize the impact on operations, consider tele-working or flextime.

Based on recommendations from the California Department of Public Health and the CDD&P, the memo contains links to more information on flu season guidance specifically for Supervisors and Managers.

Cover your coughs and wash your hands often! ACSS hopes you and your employees stay healthy this fall and winter around the workplace.

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CalHR Releases Special Salary Adjustment Pay Letter for Bargaining Units 9 and 10

Posted: 8/21/2014 Tags: policy salary Tags Views: 8746

On July 15th 2014, ACSS met with CalHR as a follow-up discussion in regards to the pending pay letter for excluded employees, including ACSS members, associated with bargaining units 9 and 10. No other units were discussed in this particular meeting. On August 20th 2014, CalHR released an additional official pay letter for S09, M09, S10 and M10 detailing the salary adjustments for excluded employee classifications associated with these units.

To summarize, some supervisors in a split classification are now provided parity in salary with the rank and file. In our July meeting, CalHR did not compare these salaries with those of the employees they supervise. They only identified salary adjustments for parity with either the benchmark class or rank and file class for split class, for now.

It was also confirmed that any salary adjustments above 5% would be incrementally PERSable over the course of 3 years, and not immediately. Only the initial 5% would be PERSable immediately. The best outcome would have been an immediately PERSable full amount of the salary adjustment. ACSS does, however, have confirmation that the PERSable salary will indeed occur, according to the latest legislative decision. ( See SB-102, Section 4 for an elaboration on “incrementally PERSable”. )

Even though Pay Letter 14-17 is being released later than expected, CalHR assured ACSS that if a state worker’s class is awarded an additional pay raise, it will, in fact, be retroactive and back-paid to the July 1, 2014 effective date. ACSS continues to work diligently with CalHR to discuss salary adjustments for other excluded employees facing similar salary compaction.

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Excluded Employee Pay Letter from CalHR Released: 2% Salary Increase

Posted: 7/9/2014 Tags: policy salary Tags Views: 1966

ACSS received the Pay Letter 14-08 from CalHR and we can now confirm who will get the 2% general salary increase effective July 1, 2014. Check if your class received a raise by reading the official pay letter.

CalHR will develop separate pay letters for specified increases for excluded employees aligned with Bargaining Unit 5 and for special pay adjustments for some of the excluded employees aligned with Bargaining Units 9 and 10. A separate pay letter for excluded employees aligned with Bargaining Unit 6 is anticipated as well. There may be some additional letters that provide special adjustments for specified classifications. ACSS will notify you of these additional letters as they become available for release.

For questions, please directly contact YOUR local ACSS Labor Relations Representative.

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CalTrans Implements new Deputy Directive Policy on Use of State Vehicles

Posted: 7/3/2014 Tags: policy Tags Views: 2090

The California Department of Transportation has released a Deputy Directive Policy that applies to all DOT excluded employees on the use of State vehicles. The policy cites statute and CalHR regulations as authority. CalTrans urges all employees to adhere to California laws, regulations, and CalTrans guidance related to the use of State vehicles. Below is a list of the policy main points. The notice did not provide an effective date of implementing this policy.

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Retirement Contribution Rates Increase Effective July 1, 2014

Posted: 6/20/2014 Tags: pension policy Tags Views: 1683

Per a memo from CalHR, retirement contribution rates will increase effective July 1, 2014, for certain state employees pursuant to the Public Employees' Reform Act of 2013 and CalPERS law. Click here to learn more about the required employee retirement contribution increases for excluded, exempt, and represented employees by retirement category.

Departmental personnel offices are not required to take any action. The State Controller's office (SCO) will process a mass update to capture employee retirement contribution changes.

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ACSS Meets with CalHR to Discuss Compaction

Posted: 6/13/2014 Tags: compaction policy Tags Views: 1542

On June 12, ACSS Executive Director Rocco Paternoster met with Richard Gillihan, Acting Director of CalHR to discuss compaction and other issues facing ACSS members.

Paternoster was appreciative that Gillihan spoke honestly and frankly during the productive meeting regarding the state budget process, employee compensation issues, and especially compaction, showcasing Gillihan's depth of knowledge and expertise on the subject. Compaction and SB216 were discussed at length. In addition, Paternoster was able to provide CalHR with with specific information on multiple state supervisory classifications which make significantly less or incrementally more than the classifications they supervise.

While Acting Director Gillihan could not commit to resolving compaction he did acknowledge that it was an issue in state service and committed to continuing to work with ACSS on labor issues.

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Will new ARB Internet policy impact you?

Posted: 4/23/2014 Tags: policy Tags Views: 1362

The Air Resources Board (ARB) is proposing a revised Internet Use Policy that will, among other things, prohibit using personal USB flash drives on any ARB equipment.

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