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ACSS Board Member reappointed to Nursing/Psych Tech Board

Posted: 6/15/2012 Tags: health legislature politics salary Tags Views: 1991

ACSS Board Member Todd D'Braunstein, 44, of Upland, has been appointed to the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians, where he has served since 2010.

D'Braunstein has worked in multiple positions at Patton State Hospital since 2009, including program assistant and unit supervisor. D'Braunstein also held various positions - including unit supervisor, psychiatric technician instructor and senior psychiatric technician - at Patton from 1997 to 2005. He was a crisis team member at Tri-City Mental Health Center from 1995 to 1996 and a psychiatric technician at Lanterman Developmental Center from 1993 to 1995.

This position does not require Senate confirmation and the compensation is $100 per diem. D'Braunstein is a Republican and has been an ACSS member since 2005.

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5% cuts for all?

Posted: 5/31/2012 Tags: election governor legislature salary Tags Views: 2205

One for all and all for one?

The California Citizens Compensation Commission voted 5-1 in favor of a 5% pay cut for Gov. Brown and dozens of other high ranking state officials, in reaction to the same pay cut that has been proposed for all state employees.

Rumors have swirled that excluded employees may face cuts above 5%.

Acting DPA Director Julie Chapman confirmed in a meeting today with your ACSS that potential cuts above 5% would target "agency secretaries and higher officials", not state supervisors, managers, and confidential employees.

Charles Murray, the "Small Business" seat on the CCCC, lead his colleagues on a vote today on the egalitarian pay cut for higher ups, in order to get the cut on the books before the Commission's June 30th deadline for action.

Murray, appointed by ex-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, said he thinks the state's senior lawmakers should "lead by example". He has said that if the 5% cut does not go into effect for state employees, the cut to higher ups can be reversed.

What do you think? Does knowing that Gov. Brown will make $165,000 per year instead of $174,000 make the cuts easier to swallow?

Head to the Sac Bee to read the full article and weigh in: http://blogs.sacbee.com/capitolalertlatest/2012/05/panel-cuts-pay-for-jerry-brown-lawmakers-other-california-officials.html

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Tell us how the 38-hour week will impact you

Posted: 5/14/2012 Tags: budget governor salary Tags Views: 2017

Governor Jerry Brown announced today that his revised budget will target state workers with a 5% compensation cut that will be implemented in a 4-day, 38-hour workweek.

The deficit has been estimated at about $16 billion, as opposed to the $9 billion that was originally anticipated.

The reduced workweek will affect "the majority of state employees", and results in a nearly $840 million cut across the board.

As ACSS prepares to meet with Governor Brown to address the concerns of excluded employees in light of these cuts, we need to hear from you.

Read more about how you can fight these budget cuts after the jump.

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Senate OKs analysis for supervisor raises

Posted: 5/3/2012 Tags: compaction legislature salary Tags Views: 2223

A bill supported by your ACSS that would require the state to report the potential costs of raises for excluded employees when analyzing union contracts was passed by the Senate 36-0 and is now headed to the Assembly.

While DPA is required by law to provide a fiscal analysis of union contracts, it is not required to do the same for the supervisors, managers, and confidential employees that are excluded from collective bargaining.

Your ACSS is committed to resolving pay disparity. While SB 1113 will not directly impact the imbalance in salaries between excluded employees and the rank-and-file employees they supervise, requiring a financial breakdown of the potential costs for excluded employee raises is the first step to rectifying the state's mistreatment of its most skilled employees.

Though earlier versions of SB 1113 required the state to directly "address salary compaction and parity concerns for excluded employees," that language has since been stricken from the bill.

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Furlough back pay details

Posted: 5/2/2012 Tags: furlough health pension salary Tags Views: 2983

The fight for furlough back pay is nearing a close for supervisors and managers in five departments that do not receive appropriations from the state's General Fund: the California Lottery, First 5 California Commission, Prison Industry Authority, Earthquake Authority, and Housing Finance Agency.

Your ACSS labor relations team reached out to the impacted departments and received replies from the First 5 California Commission and CALPIA.

In addition, the State Controller's Office released a letter further outlining the settlement.

See First 5 and CALPIA's statements after the jump.

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GOP wants to slash your pay 4.6%

Posted: 4/6/2012 Tags: budget election furlough governor health legislature salary Tags Views: 2928

In order to fix California's budget defecit, ACSS supports Gov. Brown's temporary, modest revenue increases.

Republican legislators think they've found a better way to balance the budget - by slashing your salary yet again.

No, you didn't suddenly wake up in the middle of the Schwarzenegger administration again; however, if you and your family aren't voting to pass Gov. Brown's modest revenue increases on the General Eleciton ballot you may soon be feeling "Total Recall".

The GOP budget plan - which would unilaterally force at least 4.6% pay cuts on state employees in the form of furloughs or salary reductions - also includes provisions to siphon millions of dollars away from early childhood development programs, affordable housing programs, and mental health services.

Read more about Gov. Brown's solution to the budget deficit after the jump.

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Don’t be fooled... your voice matters!

Posted: 2/8/2012 Tags: compaction election Lobby Day pension salary Tags Views: 2264

As we draw closer to election season, dozens of initiatives are being screened by the Secretary of State's office for inclusion on the primary and general ballots.

During its signature gathering phase, we previously reported on initiative 1487. (11-0010), which has since been cleared to appear on the 2012 general election ballot.

This "Political Censorship" ballot measure would severely limit the ability of supervisors and managers to work together to protect their pensions, fix salary compaction issues, and generally keep their careers protected. The sponsors of the ballot measure have cleverly made it appear that they want to limit the political influence of big corporations; however, if the measure is passed our voice will be silenced while corporations continue to spend billions lobbying for their own agendas.

Get the facts, spread the word, and get involved!

See the up-to-date list of qualified ballot measures from the Secretary of State: http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/ballot-measures/qualified-ballot-measures.htm

Want to fight to protect your career and benefits? Join ACSS at Lobby Day 2012: http://www.acss.org/lobbyday

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The furlough fight - not quite finished

Posted: 2/1/2012 Tags: furlough governor membership salary Tags Views: 2554

As you may have seen today, SEIU Local 1000 reached an agreement with the Brown Administration to settle lingering lawsuits challenging the furloughs imposed by former Governor Schwarzenegger on non-general fund agencies in 2009 and 2010.

The settlement affects only SEIU members in agencies that receive no appropriations from the state’s General Fund, specifically:

  • First 5 California
  • Prison Industry Authority
  • California Earthquake Authority
  • California Housing Finance Agency
  • California State Lottery

The affected employees will receive back pay, with interest, for the days they were forced to take off without pay.

Now that precedent has been established, your ACSS will be petitioning DPA to provide a similar adjustment for the eligible excluded employees in the non-general fund agencies.

UPDATE:Though the Sacramento Bee initially reported that the impacted employees would receive back pay with interest, the Bee has since corrected their story, indicating that the agreement will not include interest.

UPDATE #2: The Sacramento Bee also stated that the Office of Administrative Hearings was one of the affected agencies. This is incorrect. The fifth impacted agency is California State Lottery.

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UPDATE! CNN "financial makeover" eligibility expanded

Posted: 1/27/2012 Tags: budget furlough membership pension salary Tags Views: 2631

CNN's Money Magazine is looking to feature an ACSS member who meets certain criteria in a "financial makeover" story in which they will work with a financial planner to overcome economic difficulties that have resulted from state budget cuts.

UPDATED CRITERIA! Members must meet the following criteria:

* Annual household income of at least $80k
* Currently employed as a state worker
* Between 40-69 years old
* Your financial plans have been negatively impacted by furloughs, pay cuts, the possibility of pension cuts, etc.
* You must be comfortable with your real name, photograph, and financial details being published

If you meet the above criteria, email ACSS at kglidden@calcsea.org with the subject "Financial Makeover", include your full name, age, household salary range, and describe in 100 words or less how state budget cuts have impacted your current or future financial outlook.

DEADLINE EXTENDED! Emails must be received no later than Thursday, February 2nd.

NOTE: Final selections of eligible members will be made by CNN Money.

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