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CalHR has released a PML detailing a Buy-Back program that allows eligible state excluded employees to get paid for unused leave credits as early as May 1, 2014.

Eligible supervisors, managers, confidential and exempt employees in participating deparments can cash out "up to a maximum of 20 hours of unused leave."

Eligible employees are defined as:

  • Exempt or Managerial - Exempt/M/E59/E79/E99
  • Supervisory - S/E48/E58/E68/E78/E98
  • Confidential and otherwise excluded from bargaining - C/E67/E77/E97

The PML defines eligible leave as "a combination of vacation leave, annual leave, personal leave [personal leave 1994, 2003, 2010/11/12 and voluntary personal leave (VPLP)], personal holiday, or holiday credit."

CalHR has left the decision to implement the program to department heads. Participating departments will have to cover 100% of the funds.

CalHR has also released the following departmental authorization form and a sample employee Buy-Back request form.

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