Three Excluded Employees Won Gift Certificates for Joining ACSS in 2017!

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In September and October of 2017, ACSS held a six-week promotional membership drive to encourage supervisors and managers to join ACSS. Three excluded employees who submitted membership applications during the sweepstakes period were selected at random as winners.

Jessica Gomez won the grand prize $500 Amazon gift certificate and is a member of Chapter 503. Ms. Gomez is a Staff Services Manager at the Employment Development Department (EDD) in Sacramento. She joined ACSS because she recently got promoted and heard about the benefits of ACSS at her Supervisor/Manager training session.

Jessica Gomez (right) with ACSS Chapter 503 President Jim Teahan (left) at EDD in Sacramento.

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Joyce Lorta won a runner-up prize $250 Amazon gift certificate and is also a member of Chapter 503. Ms. Lorta is a Staff Information Systems Analyst Supervisor at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in Sacramento. She has been a supervisor for five years. She decided to join ACSS for the career representation services and for the member benefits. She is interested in making the most of her membership and saving money on home loans, travel, and group insurances.

Joyce Lorta at DMV in Sacramento.

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Charlotte Chitadje Brinlee also won a runner-up prize $250 Amazon gift certificate and is a member of Chapter 505. Ms. Brinlee is a Program and Project Supervisor at the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in San Francisco.

Charlotte Chitadje Brinlee (left) with ACSS Chapter 505 Board Member Michael Bonner  (right) at PUC in San Francisco.

ACSS congratulates these three excluded employees on winning the 2016 ACSS Membership Drive Sweepstakes and welcomes them as new members of ACSS.

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