CalHR acknowledges excluded pay problem

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At a meeting of the Excluded Employee Council, CalHR staff recognized that salary compaction and pay inequity are among the top problems plaguing state supervisors and managers.

Excluded Employee Labor Relations Officer Stephen Booth said that CalHR is "painfully aware that there are compaction issues" with the state's most skilled and dedicated employees.

Though public perception may differ, Booth confirmed that "not a week goes by" without CalHR receiving complaints from supervisors and managers who make less than those they supervise.

"Not one of us thinks supervisors should make less than the employees they oversee," said Booth.

CalHR Director Julie Chapman said that the last official survey of excluded employee salaries was likely four to five years ago.

Your ACSS is working with CalHR to arrive at a sustainable, long-term solution to the problem of salary compaction and inversion.

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Prop 32 will flood the Capitol with corporate $$$

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What's your stance on Proposition 32?

There is one simple reason that your ACSS is urging you to VOTE NO ON 32: It's a sham.

The conservative groups backing Prop 32 want voters to believe that a yes vote will stop the flow of "special interest" money in politics.

In fact, Prop 32 will give big corporations and the hyper-wealthy free reign to funnel as much money as they like into state politics while it silences your voice in the Capitol.

Want to know more? Read this excellent article by San Francisco State Univerty Professor John Logan, "California's Prop. 32 would be Citizens United on steroids".

In the article, Logan states:

"Proposition 32 claims to be an even-handed effort at campaign finance reform - but nothing could be further from the truth. Prop. 32 would cripple the ability of unions to participate in politics, but have little or no impact on unlimited spending by corporate executives and other wealthy individuals."

Don't wait until it's too late! Start talking with friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers now.

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Need training? CalHR steps up online courses

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Have you checked out CalHR's new Training page yet?

The "Managers and Supervisors" section includes a wide variety of online trainings and webinars to help you manage your workforce, build technology skills, and more.

Statewide Learning and Performance Officer Jodi Traversaro assured ACSS that content is being developed and added regularly in CalHR's ongoing commitment to meeting excluded employee needs.

Find upcoming training opportunities on the CalHR Training Calendar.

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Meet Sacramento-area Chapter President Amber Siepmann

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Over the next year, ACSS will be sitting down with the presidents of our 11 statewide chapters for some informal interviews. Look for new interviews to be added monthly.

Amber Siepmann is the president of Chapter 503, ACSS' largest chapter with over two thousand members throughout the greater Sacramento area. ACSS Membership Coordinator Diane Wolff sat down with Amber to talk about her vision for the chapter and moving to the public sector from the private.

Read all about Amber after the jump.

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Make Steinberg keep his word

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Senate President Pro Tem Steinberg recently went on record saying that drastically slashing public pensions - by raising the retirement age, throwing part of earned retirement savings into risky 401(k) investment, and more - is an absolute priority, regardless of how difficult it will be on public employees:

"Will it cause some discomfort and unhappiness? Yes. Do you sometimes disagree with your allies and friends to do what you think is the right thing? Yes."

We couldn't agree with Sen. Steinberg's sentiment more: Doing the right thing sometimes causes discomfort and unhappiness.

That is why ACSS is calling on Sen. Steinberg to stop underhanded dealing to his allies and friends in the Legislature and start the difficult cuts he touts publicly by rescinding the raises he approved for employees in the Legislature after slashing your salary by 5%.

60% of respondents to our poll on the legislative raises - up to 10% for employees making in excess of $100,000 annually - demanded that the raises should be taken away.

If Sen. Steinberg truly believes in doing the right thing, no matter how difficult, he must reverse these raises now, before he continues trying to drum up support for Gov. Brown's tax hikes.

How do you feel about Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg's continued attack on public employees' modest benefits while he snuck raises to his own employees under the radar?

Take a moment to let him know via email or calls to his office:

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg
(916) 651-4006 or senator.steinberg@senate.ca.gov

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Steinberg - Pension reform goes "beyond" Brown's plan

A newsletter released to Senator Darrell Steinberg's constituents claims that his pension slashing plan goes "above and [Gov. Brown's] proposal to include more than a dozen additional reforms."

According to the newsletter, that plan will include (among other things) a "hybrid system"; tossing a portion of employees' modest retirement benefits into a risky 401(k).

Many are speculating that Sen. Steinberg and Governor Brown are attempting to curry favor with the public for the tax raises that will appear on the November ballot by showing that they are taking a strong stand for pension reform.

Does Sen. Steinberg's politically motivated and personal attack on your hard-earned, modest benefits make you less inclined or more inclined to support the Governor's tax increases that will appear on the General Election ballot this November?

Weigh in on this hot button issue in the comments section.

The full text of the newsletter appears after the jump.

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Comment on ACSS poll results in Sac Bee

Posted: 8/1/2012 Tags: legislature Tags Views: 1764

Head over to the Sacramento Bee and take a look at this article covering our poll on the inappropriate legislative raises (make sure you take our poll at the left, too, if you haven't already).

The comments section below the article is heating up with misinformed attacks on supervisors and managers, and we need you to fight back the tide of ill informed public opinion.

Please stay civil and professional, even if others do not.

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CalPERS fairs offering free savings advice

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The California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) is hosting retirement planning fairs this summer to help their members plan for a more financially secure future.

The fairs begin in Sacramento on August 10 and 11, continue in Anaheim on August 17 and 18, and conclude in Santa Clara on August 30.

Find info on the fairs and how to register after the jump.

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ACSS calls on legislators to set fair wages

Posted: 7/27/2012 Tags: budget compaction election furlough legislature salary Tags Views: 2186

As the Legislature prepares to return after the summer recess, your ACSS is calling on all legislators to support Senate Bill 1113.

For too long, state supervisors and managers have seen the state's budget balanced on our backs.

Traumatizing pay cuts and furloughs, coupled with near constant attacks on our modest, hard-earned benefits, have backed the state's most skilled and dedicated employees into a corner.

Equally as disturbing as these short-term threats to our livelihood is an issue that receives far less attention, however - the state's long standing lack of fiscal review of compensation for employees excluded from collective bargaining. As you know, in far too many cases, the employees we supervise earn a higher wage than us.

SB 1113, introduced by Sen. Noreen Evans, seeks to remedy this so-called salary compaction and provide supervisors and managers with raises commensurate with their highly skilled and demanding positions. Your ACSS believes it is imperative that Sen. Evans' colleagues vote unanimously to enact this modest legislation immediately following the summer recess in order to avoid a looming critical reduction in public services.

ACSS commends Sen. Evans for her continued support of the state's supervisors, managers, and confidential employees.

See the full text of SB 1113 here.

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10th Delegate Assembly wraps up

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ACSS Chapter Officers being sworn in at Delegate Assembly 2012.

The 10th ACSS Delegate Assembly took place July 20-22.

Delegates representing thousands of ACSS members from every corner of the state convened to adjust the ACSS bylaws to better serve you and to elect a new compliment of directors and officers to serve the organization for the next three years.

Take a moment to read President Espinoza's report on the activities or get to know your new 2013-2015 Board of Directors, composed of state supervisors and managers from the Department of Motor Vehicles, Deptarment of Corrections, State Compensation Fund, Department of Finance, and more.

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